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"A total gamechanger"

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Do more than just automate client onboarding… build a more valued accounting business

Before GoProposal: You’re doing more work than you get paid for, you’re not charging enough for the level of service you provide and your clients don’t fully value what you do. With GoProposal: You have the system to consistently charge what you’re worth, the knowledge to confidently unlock the full value of your client base and an even more successful & profitable accounting business that you can enjoy.

Trusted by the world's most valued accountants & bookkeepers

"Fantastic software that makes pricing logical & transparent"

"Complete training for how to be more profitable"

"The best support I've EVER experienced"

"The MOST collaborative & supportive community"

"GoProposal has been a real catalyst for change

GoProposal and the team behind it have steered me to look at what we offer, how we offer it and the value we bring to our clients.” Marie Donaldson | Fresh Clarity Accountants


Confidently charge what you’re really worth with Consistent Pricing

GoProposal gives you the control to create consistent pricing system, which can be easily used across all clients and by all staff.

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Create Professional Proposals & Renewals in Real Time

GoProposal gives you the power to consistently produce highly professional proposals and renewals, instantly and effortlessly, which fully reflect the value of the work your do.

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Automatically generate the most sophisticated Engagement Letters

Accurately produce engagement letters that can be sent signed and returned electronically within one system with all the sophistication as you need.

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Get the peer-to-peer support that essential for your growth. The exclusive GoProposal Community is the most active, engaged and positive community for accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs in the world.

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Demonstrate your app expertise with the AppsMap™

The AppsMap™ enables accounting businesses to beautifully show how the apps they recommend, how they fit together and how the data flows between them.

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Strengthen relationships with a collaborative Client Experience

GoProposal is collaborative, enabling you to create a positive experience for you and the client when discussing price and scope, that will actually strengthen the relationship.

Discover your new Client Experience

Learn the mindset, strategy and plan you need to price and sell effectively. This course will become the entire training system for you & your team. Fully certified, CPD accredited & FREE for all GoProposal members.

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Discover how we connect into the rest of your practice

"I still get excited when a client signs up

GoProposal is a great piece of engineering and I still get excited when a client signs up. The amount of time we save, plus the overall experience is brilliant.”

Alasdair McGill | Ashton McGill Accountants

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Consistently charge what you're worth & develop the confidence to have the conversations that unlock the full value of your client base.

Video Training

Watch these valuable videos from the front line of what works in some of the most successful firms

“What Discount Can We Have?” The Best Response And The Reason Why 4:10

Discounting your services causes so many problems between you and your client. So this is how you handle that awkward question forevermore.

Stop Training Your Clients To Be Bad Clients 8:31

Bad clients don’t start out bad, we train them to be bad by giving them so much for free, we train them not to value our services.

Team Training – Why GoProposal IS So Important

A big challenge accounting teams face and getting their clients to do the right things at the right time and to value what you do. This all starts with GoProposal.