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Coming 3rd August 2023

Are You Still Using Engagement Letter Templates?

Accountants just like you confessed that creating Engagement Letters using templates is:

Extremely time consuming
Shrouded in lengthy, complicated guidance
Beyond their in-house legal knowledge
Requires resource outside of their current capacity

If this sounds familiar, and you’re also relying on hope that your Engagement Letters are providing some form of protection, then we built OverSuite with you in mind…

Build Your Bespoke Library of Smart Engagement Letters

Back in 2020, we found many accountants we spoke to were behind on issuing up-to-date letters of engagement. And it’s no surprise, because building your firm’s library of engagement letters is challenging.

Every letter must be robust enough to give you the protection you need, yet clear and simple enough that all parties fully understand.

With this in mind, accountants typically rely on engagement letter templates. But this strategy is high-risk, because YOU’RE responsible for deciphering their meaning and correctly assembling all components into a suite of fully compliant documents.