Demonstrate app expertise with the


The AppsMap™ enables accounting businesses to beautifully show the apps they recommend, how they fit together and how the data flows between them.


Beautifully present the full value of the apps you provide

Clearly show the apps you provide, how they flow together & what the client needs, with this automatically generated & beautifully presented AppsMap™.

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Choose from hundreds of app icons or personalise your own

Choose from hundreds of app icons to represent the accounting tech you provide or recommend, show how they flow together and which problems they solve.

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Confidently charge for your app expertise

We help you to turn apps from cost-centres into profit-centres, by enabling you to confidently price each app, with as much sophistication as you need.

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Earn Your App Expert Advisor Award

We will help you turn app confusion into app confidence, and then to demonstrate that app expertise to the world with this award.

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"The AppsMap gives our clients instant clarity and us, instant authority

I want my clients to be able to do what they do best. I want them to have a good work life balance, make money and be successful.”
Euan Brown
| Owner of Total Accounting

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Show how the apps you’re providing fit together and how the data flows between them.

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