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Written by Rowan Van Tromp ACCA
Director of App Advisory Plus

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Why is connecting Senta with GoProposal so important?

Hi I’m Rowan, director of App Advisory Plus. I’m here to take you through the GoProposal/Senta integration and creating a seamless onboarding experience for your accountancy firm’s clients. So why should you set up the integration?

Well I’m sure that one of the reasons you signed up to GoProposal is to provide a better experience to your prospects so that they’re more likely to convert to clients.

You’ve won a new client (WAHOO!) and promised a certain amount of your services (or value) for an agreed fee.

Then once they’re signed up you need to ensure that their onboarding experience matches the expectations you’ve already set in the sales process.

This integration ensures that there’s no delay in communications between you and your team when you get a new client, so that they can start onboarding them straight away.

It also reduces the time it takes to set up the client in Senta, and makes it less likely that a line item in the proposal will be missed out when the client is set up.

All this means, is that you can focus your team’s time on delivering value to the client, so that they’re happy with the service you provide them and they’re more likely to recommend you.

GoProposal and Senta: The Onboarding Integration Overview

Connect the Apps

With just two clicks, the apps are connected, providing a seamless experience.

Connect Proposal Line Items to Services

You can easily assign services in GoProposal to workflows. When a proposal is accepted, your workflows are automatically triggered in Senta.

Sync Contacts

GoProposal will automatically pull your Senta contacts into your GoProposal app. If they don’t already exist in Senta, GoProposal will create them for you.

Integrating GoProposal Line Items with Senta Services

The integration allows GoProposal to pull in Senta services so you can map them to a GoProposal line item

Data sync is instant, meaning that as soon as you have added, updated, or removed a service in Senta, it will be immediately reflected in the list of available services to choose from in GoProposal. 

In GoProposal go to: Configure > Line items > Edit Line > Integrations.

From the list of available Senta services, select the relevant template.

If you have a section in GoProposal with multiple line items that relate to one service in Senta, you only need to integrate one of those line items to the Senta service. But make sure that line item is always chosen on proposals when that service is required.

Alternatively, if you did link every Line Item within that section to the same Senta service, it will only trigger once when the proposal is accepted.

Integrating Proposals to Senta’s onboarding workflows

If you have onboarding jobs within Senta that don’t relate to line-items in GoProposal, and you want them to trigger when a proposal is accepted in GoProposal, you can set them up by going to Configure > Proposal Templates & Emails in your GoProposal account. 

With different onboarding jobs dependent on the client type, add new proposal templates for each different client type so that you can map the correct onboarding jobs.

Click edit on the proposal template you want to set up and navigate to the Senta tab. Add in all of the onboarding services that relate to the proposal type. 

When the proposal is accepted these Senta onboarding services will be triggered alongside all line items with corresponding integrated services.

Integrating Contacts and Triggering Senta Workflow Deployment once a Proposal has been accepted

When you’re creating a proposal, you have the option to link to an existing contact or organisation in Senta. This might be a prospect that you already have setup, or an existing client. If you choose the contact that is related to an organisation, the organisation’s details will also populate onto the proposal.

If you link to an existing contact that has the ‘Client State’ – Prospect in Senta, when the proposal is accepted the state will update from Prospect to Client.

Alternatively you can create a new Prospect and individual contact from GoProposal. If the Prospect is an individual only (i.e. Tax Return), then enter their name again in the ‘Company Name’ line.

This will populate the contact in Senta as follows, and the contact organisation and/or person is added immediately, regardless of whether the proposal has been sent or accepted:

Connecting GoProposal & Senta: FAQs

What contact fields move across to Senta?

A: Organisation fields:

  • Name 
  • Telephone
  • Address

A: Individual fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Mobile

How do I manage scope creep using job templates in Senta?

If you have used calculations in your pricing setup for line items, and the calculation variables can change over time, it is important that you have systems in place to monitor the actual outcomes and ensure that the price being charged is in line with the level of activity. 

For instance if a line-item within your bookkeeping section is based on the number of transactions, you will need reports set up to allow your team to be able to quickly monitor these transaction levels, in line with the time period stated on the proposal.

To prompt your team to check the necessary reports and amend the next invoices, you should build checks into your job templates, with descriptive information & links to the monitoring reports, so that it’s clear what to do.

Can I integrate a Line Items section?

This is not currently possible.

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