Discussing the importance of giving back and how your Accountancy firm can make an impact.

Imagine if, every time a new client signed the proposal, a set of clean pyjamas was automatically sent to a child in emergency care?

Then, that new client got an email to let them know about the impact they just made, all because of your firm.

and THEN.. Your team were notified automatically about the winning of the proposal AND the donation.

All because they signed up to be a client of your accountancy firm.

GoProposal member, Keith Lesser, Partner at Lesser & Co, made this all possible and more with the new Zapier x GoProposal integration, hooked up to B1G1…

It all started with Keith’s post in the GoProposal Community…

Zapier has opened up a whole new world of connections which in turn has meant firms like Keith’s are able to do some amazing things with companies like B1G1 to help charities around the world.

So, I arranged a call with Keith and Paul Dunn from B1G1 to discuss how and why other Accountancy firms can get involved with this great initiative.


B1G1 is this extraordinary idea that we can turn simple business actions, for example, doing a proposal. Whatever that transaction is we can turn that into changing lives. So for example, every time you send an email a child gets access to E-learning. That changes the game for them.

There are some 500 plus projects around the world that people like Keith’s company can give to. And before GoProposal and Zapier, you basically had to count how many emails have we sent today or how many proposals did we do? And then put that into B1G1. But now as you said, it just automates it thanks to Zapier.

Why is it important to make sure that you have budget for these things? Because I’d imagine especially during these crazy difficult times it could be one of the first things to go and to say, let’s not put money into this. But why is it kind of important to you Keith that you keep doing that?


I’m not saying we have a million quid in the bank but I’m just saying in general terms what is the point of capitalism and all this? There’s got to be a bit more purpose involved. Hasn’t there? If everyone just gave a bit you can imagine the power of it. But I think with all these things that’s, that’s the challenge. How do you make it easy for people and how, that’s the thing with this. It’s linking in to success. So, you know how many VAT returns have you done or whatever and it’s all automatic. So you know, I think there’s a really there’s a lot potential with it.

As a business itself has B1G1 seen many people worry a bit more about spending the extra money on giving? I’d argue it’s just more important now than ever.


We used to think of giving, as when I’m successful, you know I’ll just start giving because we associate it with someone with a great big fat cheque that says look at what we did. But B1G1 transforms that because you can give from one US cent. So, just one cent can literally give a child access to life saving water, literally.

Lesser & Co are growing and you just doing some fantastic things, has seen this impact your staff and maybe impact your clients as well?


You’re doing it for the causes, but you’re also saying to your clients, “we’re giving $10 for every new client”.

When you’re speaking with clients who have the same values actually you can articulate that from the causes.  When you’ve got an accountancy firm that’s, you know, that’s what you’re trying to do. Clients are buying into you  and what your values are.


It’s a very simple thing to say, “When you deal with Lesser & Co something great happens every time.” And you, I mean, that’s just a beautiful line.

It comes back to that kind of spirit, you know the purpose led or meaningful kind of things that’s going on at the firm. So again, it’s much more than what we actually think it is.

When you get a proposal accepted that’s when your Zap is triggered, do you have a particular cause that you go for? 


We’re set up at the moment with pyjamas for children in emergency care. Because it was just the right kind of value. I think it’s about $10, so, we’ve just kicked off with that. But this is, you know this is something we’re going to run with. With the Zapier integration I think it’s going to be a lot more attractive.

This is a game changing time for accountancy firms. There’s just a lot of exciting things going on with how they can show their value to clients and just show how really important they are. So how do you kind of see the future of accountancy firms helping to do good in the world?


For so long in accounting we’ve thought of it as this transactional, you know, like oh, client says, could you give me a set of accounts? Oh here’s the set of accounts. As, as opposed to, oh, here’s the set of accounts and maybe we should just take some time to talk about the impact of all of that. It’s just a simple sentence. But that simple sentence, without us without any doubt has protected people through through COVID and protected their businesses. And so, you know, when when Tom Hood said, “this is a defining moment for the profession”, I think he was absolutely correct.

We’re now getting now more switched on so that we can, you know GoProposal with Zapier integrations with all of those sorts of things so that we can concentrate more and more on the humanness of what we do. And we can translate those numbers into, you know good things for humanity. And when we do that, it changes everything.

An inspiring conversation with two amazing organisations, watch the full interview:

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