“OverSuite paid for itself in ONE conversation. It helps me sleep at night.”

After being in the finance business for over twenty years, Jo Wood has finally found “the formula to start, grow & scale a profitable business.”

She ensures she gives only the best service to her clients through her family firm, ‘Jo Wood Virtual FD Ltd,’ and is an influential figure in the bookkeeping industry as co-founder of The 6-Figure Bookkeeper.

We caught up with her to understand how using OverSuite® to create robust and compliant Letters of Engagement has given her confidence like never before.

“I’m running the most profitable firm I’ve ever run because of GoProposal and OverSuite. I have confidence to go out and sell and I know that I’m covered.”

An ‘off the shelf’ option for engagement letters

Jo had already gained masses of confidence using GoProposal to sell live in her proposal meetings, but there was always a fear niggling away at her: Had all the boxes been ticked? Were her Letters of Engagement fully compliant? 

By introducing OverSuite, those niggles were put to rest. The wizard meant she could select the template relevant to her governing body. She also knew the right questions were being asked in order to make engagement letters bespoke to her services. 

“I never thought there’d be an ‘off the shelf’ option – I thought I’d have to invest £1000’s in a solicitor.”

Hear how Jo was able to confidently navigate a sticky situation with a client without the need for costly legal advice. All because of the OverSuite Letter of Engagement she’d used at the outset of the relationship:

Customisable Letters of Engagement for bookkeepers

“As bookkeepers, we’re usually innately introverted and nervous,” admits Jo. “We always need the reassurance that we’re doing everything right. OverSuite gives me that reassurance.” 

Lots of bookkeepers see software as an unnecessary expense at the beginning of their practice.

But after investing so much time in training, then investing financially in your practice license, your insurance, and all the other things that come with running a business, can you afford not to be covered by your letters of engagement?

For Jo, this investment pays for itself. 

“The certainty that you’re protected is invaluable. If you want to build a big or small-but-profitable firm, you have to have the right foundations. GoProposal and OverSuite gave me the foundations to start and scale my practice.”

Bookkeepers are now expected to meet the same standards as accountants. Jo’s practice is different to most accountancy firms because she outsources some of her compliance services, as do lots of bookkeepers. By doing this, an end to end service is still provided to her clients under her practice license. 

Both the work she does, and the work outsourced to accountants have to be covered by different governing bodies within the letter of engagement. We updated OverSuite to ensure that this is now possible.

“I really feel bookkeepers are being listened to and recognised as a profession with GoProposal to help us price at the right price for the value we’re giving our clients.”

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Danielle Fisher

Danielle Fisher

Danielle is a Senior Client Success Manager at GoProposal, supporting accounting and bookkeeping firms to meet their business goals through use of the GoProposal platform. She also oversees the development of OverSuite, liaising with our compliance experts to ensure that our engagement letters always reflect the highest levels of compliance excellence and protection.