BAD CLIENTS don’t just become bad. You’re actually TRAINING THEM to be bad. Potentially good clients turn up, and then through their initial experiences, the way the firm prices their services, sells their services, takes payment from the client and then onboards that client, turns that potentially gold client into lead.

It’s the opposite of alchemy.

So what’s the point of driving more dream clients into your business while ever you have a lead-making factory in place.

You see, marketing is helping people to take a step closer towards buying from you or buying more from you.

But we have to deal with the second part first (buying more from you), because if we can’t do that, what’s the point of doing the first part. So…

  • Are you wowing your current clients?
  • Could you be doing more for them?
  • Are you solving their biggest problems?
  • Do they know everything you do?

You have to create a gold-making factory before you invest in the expense of marketing, otherwise you’re just spending money and time to create more lead (that’s lead, as in the metal, not lead, as in a prospect aka potential gold.)

This starts with making sure…

  1. You’re profitable in the way you price
  2. Your clients are paying for everything you do
  3. You’re providing them with everything they need (not just what they want)
  4. You’re providing great client experiences

We started this process 2 years ago in firm, when we first invented GoProposal to solve this exact problem. Then and only then can you invest in proper marketing.

We all have the same type of clients blowing our way.

The trick is to not wish for better clients, but to take responsibility for creating better clients.

James Ashford

James Ashford

James is the Founder of GoProposal, Director of MAP., Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author of "Selling to Serve". He helps accountants and bookkeepers around the world to price more profitably, sell more confidently and to give significantly more value to their clients.