GoProposal or BrightPropose?

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GoProposal or BrightPropose:
Which is best for my accounting business?

With an ever-growing abundance of proposal software for you to choose from, how do you know you’re making the best choice for your accounting firm? 

Did you know GoProposal is the ONLY proposal software interface designed with your clients in mind? Meaning, its user-friendly design enables you to build your proposal right there in the meeting, in front of your prospect’s eyes in a way they can understand. 

As Accounting proposal pioneers, we’ve developed strong relationships with experts across the accounting profession, to ensure our products are built to solve problems specific to your needs. 

Which has the best pricing tool for accountants?

Both BrightPropose and GoProposal have an inbuilt pricing calculator, however, GoProposal’s pricing wizard guides new users with a base point for pricing each service. While prices can be manually input on both systems, the lack of guidance provided by BrightPropose can easily lead to overwhelm.

Do clients prefer GoProposal or BrightPropose?

GoProposal was designed to be used in the meeting with the client. The unrivaled transparency of selling in this way creates a real WOW moment and instantly establishes trust between client and accountant.

BrightPropose is designed to compile proposals to send to the client via email, compromising its usability as a sales tool. While proposals can also be built in retrospect through GoProposal, we believe this increases onboarding time, removes the “human” element of face-to-face interactions with the client to sell services efficiently and effectively.

Which software provides me with the most support?

When you choose GoProposal, you’re welcomed into an exclusive, established community of members. The GoProposal team interact with this regularly to ensure it is the most supportive community group of its kind.

In addition to this daily support, members have access to a wealth of educational insights, members only events, thought leadership content from our team of experts, exclusive access to new products and discounts.

Does GoProposal and BrightPropose provide any extra benefits?

GoProposal members get free access to The GoProposal Academy: module-based classes, that even earn you CPD points, with actionable take-aways, led by James Ashford.

Can I integrate my payments?

In GoCardless, you can accept payments for the work you do instantly, thanks to our integration with GoCardless.
BrightPropose are yet to integrate with a payment tool, delaying payments because they rely on manual processing.

Can GoProposal and BrightPropose help with my clients’ whole engagement journey?

With GoProposal, you can generate and issue proposals, engagement letters, risk assessments and Know Your Customer checks all within the app, creating a seamless onboarding journey for you, your team, and customers alike.

OverSuite by GoProposal is a suite of expertly crafted engagement letter templates, regularly updated for you in the background to comply with the latest industry requirements.

GoProposal AML was also crafted by the UK’s leading compliance experts to ensure you’re compliant with every client.

BrightPropose provides letter of engagement templates within their app, (as do GoProposal outside of their intelligent OverSuite additional product) but there aren’t tailored to each governing body. Without the guidance to accompany them, your firm can be left open to risk.

Accelerate your BrightPropose proposals
with GoProposal

Get support from experts and peers

As pioneers of our pricing methodology, our long-established online community is like no other. You’ll receive peer-to-peer support from fellow members worldwide, in a private group where we’re proud to have fostered a safe space for accountants to ask questions not only about their GoProposal setup, but on any industry topic. 

Enhance client interactions

GoProposal serves as more than just a platform for presenting proposal details to clients. Its careful design ensures it is succinct for in-person client interactions, meaning it can be trusted as a sales aid, enhancing client conversations and effectively addressing objections in a manner that traditional proposals simply cannot achieve. 

Develop a Core Pricing Matrix

Rest assured, it may sound futuristic, but our Core Pricing Matrix is simpler than you think!  

As you construct your initial proposal, our Pricing Wizard will generate suggested pricing based on our insights. These are fully customisable, and amendments you make will be stored in your Core Pricing Matrix, saving you from the tedious task of setting prices for every prospect. 

Climb the steps to success

Upon activating your free trial, you gain complete access to all features in both BrightPropose and GoProposal. Among the distinctive functionalities offered by GoProposal is our Success Steps. Consisting of four essential milestones guiding you through your app and our educational resources, they enable you to maximise the benefits of our software. By harnessing the full potential of GoProposal, you inherently optimise your business and provide exceptional service to your clients. 

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