Stop Training Your Clients To Be Bad Clients

BAD CLIENTS don’t just become bad. You’re actually TRAINING THEM to be bad, if you’re not doing these 2 things.

REPRICING MASTERCLASS – Feel The Fear & Reprice Anyway

Many accountancy firms work hard to deliver great value to their clients, but few get paid for all the value they provide. When these firms learn what they SHOULD be charging, the challenge then is “how do we go back … Read More

v4.0 Update – Multiple Proposal Types

We’ve just had a huge update made to GoProposal that gives you even more power to create targeted and more impactful proposals. With this upgrade, you will now be able to… – Create different proposals for different types of clients … Read More

[NEW FEATURES] Draft Proposals & Enhanced Dashboards

Draft Proposals & Enhanced Dashboards We’re excited to be bringing you the latest wave of app enhancements within GoProposal that includes Draft Proposals, Actionable Dashboards and Enhanced Proposal Pages. Watch this sneak preview video that gives you a whistle-stop tour … Read More

How Meades & Co. Maximise The Value They Give To Their Clients

Meades & Co. are a very progressive accountancy firm based in the UK and they’re fully focussed on how they can maximise the lifetime value of their clients. A few weeks I asked Paul to share his sales process with me (because they nail it.) In this video, he reveals insights into their process and shares with us….

– A simple strategy to maximise the value of each sale, which he gets his team to do
– A fantastic document he’s developed to support his sales process (we’ve stolen this one)
– A key way to prevent losing clients
– Why as an owner, you don’t want to be getting involved in pricing work
– Their methodology for testing new software … Read More

The Challenge With Pricing Tax Returns And The Genius Way This Firm Found To Solve It

Pricing Tax Returns is a real challenge. If you have a fix fee, those clients who have more complicated affairs are getting it cheaper. And those who have simpler affairs are being overpriced and may eventually leave. So you’re left with clients who you’re doing too much work for. The alternative is to keep time sheets, but this isn’t very valuable to for the client, keeps them confused about costs and most progressive firms don’t use time sheets now anyway. So Paul Meades of Meades & Co. discovered a far better method for pricing Tax Returns that allows his firm to deliver the most value and have the greatest impact with his clients. … Read More

Previewable & Duplicatable Proposals Are Now Live!!!

As part of our continued commitment to develop our software and remain the world’s leading pricing and proposal system for accountants, we’ve just launched 3 new features. These have been the most requested features by our community and we’ve been working hard to make them live. … Read More

Create Multiple Letters of Engagement Dynamically & Automatically

If you’re STILL one of those accountants doing this, let us show you the new way accountants are doing this. THE NEW WAY GoProposal has always generated Letters of Engagement automatically and dynamically. “Automatically” in that you don’t have to do ANYTHING. They … Read More

PROFIT MAXIMISER – Use Pricing Bands For Transactional Based Services

This is a great pricing strategy for #accountants and #bookkeepers which makes life easier for you and your clients, but also increases your profits. So you may already know that we encourage transactional based pricing rather than time based, but … Read More

The Secret To Getting Your Clients To Behave As You Want Them To | Keynote | ACCOUNTEX 2017

So no doubt, you have clients paying you too little, taking up all of your time and THEY’RE frustrated with you. You’ve attempted to bring in systems but your staff seem to be doing things their own way. And so … Read More