Pricing Tax Returns is a real challenge.

If you have a fix fee, those clients who have more complicated affairs are getting it cheaper.

And those who have simpler affairs are being overpriced and may eventually leave. So you’re left with clients who you’re doing too much work for.

The alternative is to keep time sheets, but this isn’t very valuable for the client, it keeps them confused about costs and most progressive firms don’t use time sheets now anyway.

And if you’re not charging profitably for this service, then there’s no way you can invest the time you need, to give your clients the savings that they’re looking for.

So Paul Meades of Meades & Co. discovered a far better method for pricing Tax Returns that allows his firm to deliver the most value and have the greatest impact with his clients.

The savings they achieve are amazing!!!

Watch this video to find out how he does it, the results he’s been able to achieve and the potential pitfalls you can encounter if you don’t price this way.


Watch This Video

Video ThumbnailPricing Tax Returns is difficult. These were the difficulties Meades & Co before they discovered their genius way around it.


Do You Want Meades & Co’s ‘Tax Return’ Pricing?

Paul has very kindly shared his pricing methodology with us and the exact prices he use for this service.

He’s also given us permission to embed this pricing into the UK version of the GoProposal app.

So as well as fully loading GoProposal with the pricing methodology from some of the world’s most profitable firms of accountants, you now get Meades & Co’s methodology, calculations and prices for Tax Returns.

Just start your free trial now to have all of this pricing done for you, out of the box, ready to rock.


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