Confidently charge what you’re really worth with Consistent Pricing

GoProposal by Sage gives you the control to create a consistent pricing system, which can be easily used for all clients, by the whole team.


Present fees logically & transparently

Break services down, line by line & choose the pricing type that’s right for that service, creating transparency & a fair way of showing clients what they are buying & how the cost is built up.

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Manage complexity with sophisticated calculations

Account for ‘complicating factors’, without over complicating your pricing by using sophisticated calculations that ensure you get paid fairly, for everything you do.

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Create a robust pricing structure with our wizard

Create a whole pricing matrix in seconds based on best practice and smarts of other accountants. Just answer 3 quick questions & let our algorithm work its magic.

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Take Complete Control Over Your Pricing

We will give you a shield of confidence when it comes to pricing, by giving you the most sophisticated pricing system that you can easily adapt

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"Don't second guess
your gut

I‘t’s a very nice presentation that you can customise and tailor for your clients. It looks beautiful and defines your scope and prices for you once you’ve set your parameters.” Susan Tinel | April 15th Accounting

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