Manage All Client Data In Real Time


A truly digital solution to managing your clients and prospects, with live updates so you are able to make adjustments in real time. The Contact Hub maintains a single source of truth for all your client data.


Create and manage prospects, clients and organisations

The Contact Hub allows you to clearly differentiate between individuals and organisations, with the ability to define individual relationships within organisations.

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Get a clear view of all historical data

Pull every proposal ever sent to an individual or organisation, with just one click. Easily compile complex client data, prepare reviews, understand your client’s needs and align fees more efficiently than ever.

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Consolidate complex client relationships in one place

Assign an individual to multiple organisations, and organisations to multiple individuals. So there’s no confusion across the firm, even with complex client relationships.

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Prospects automatically convert to clients when proposals are accepted

Create a seamless onboarding experience. The Contact Hub becomes another member of your team, keeping your client data live and up to date, in one central hub. 

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Filter your list of prospects to visualise your leads so you can monitor your sales pipeline

Manage prospects & monitor your sales pipeline with ease. The Contact Hub does the heavy lifting for you, supporting lead growth by helping you to manage scope, increase revenue, and minimise risk.

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