10am-11am (GMT) 5th December

From Struggles to Success:

An accountant’s journey to building a £1M firm

With Chris Johnson & Reza Hooda

Build An Accounting Firm That Gives You More Money, Time & Freedom

Reza Hooda is a well-known face in the accounting space. He’s a renowned coach, partner at Walji & Co and founder of Capture Accounting. But there were many ups & downs along his journey to success, and he admits to making ‘every mistake under the sun’ along the way.

Yet in the space of 2 years, he went from struggling to turning over nearly £1M revenue. In this live discussion, Reza will share his story and insights on how to attract better clients, charge more and make a profitable business.

Key Takeaways:

  • What Reza did to flip his business from struggling to successful, and how you can apply the same strategy
  • How to generate quality, consistent leads without relying on referrals
  • Why charging higher prices will attract better, more profitable clients
  • The importance of systemising pricing so our whole team can price with confidence

Chris Johnson

GoProposal by Sage

Reza Hooda

Capture Accounting

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