So You Want Us To Create Your Full Page Graphics For You?

Make Your Proposals Pop

  • Use full page graphics to enhance your proposals
  • Tailor proposals for specific teams or niches
  • Use our design service to create the pages for you
  • Decide on the style of graphic you’d like
  • Choose which specific pages you want creating
  • Upload images we may need, such as team photos.
  • Once you’ve sign them off, we will add these into your proposals, test them and set the live!!!




What does the design service cost?

Price includes the design of the pages, one revision and implementing them into your app. Typically takes 3 days.

1 Page Design


2 Page Design


Full Set of 4 Page Designs


How does it work?

What is the process?

  • We will check that the content you have provided meets the requirements outlined below.
  • We will then send you a form to make payment.
  • We will create your Full Page graphic within 3 working days of payment clearance.
  • You may provide us with one list of alterations and we will make these changes for you within 2 working days.
  • We will add these graphics into your proposals after these changes have been made. 

What are the requirements?

  • Images provided in .jpg or .png format.
  • Image resolution not lower than 150dpi (300dpi optimal).
  • For full page image optimal size: Width -1000px, height – 1415px .
  • Text provided at suitable length for the page(s).
  • High resolution company logo.
  • List of staff in order by which you want them listed in the team page.
  • Good quality individual images, with files named by the person’s name.
  • Contact details for the back page – address, email, phone number, website.
  • You must have the right to use the content provided.
  • All content must be provided via order form or in the email, no external links will be accepted.

What we will do for you

  • We will provide the graphic in the lead time expected.
  • We will make all the changes necessary from one feedback round. Further feedback rounds will incur a cost of £30 per round.

What you will need to do

  • You must provide the content that meets the requirements outlined above.
  • You must have the right to use the content provided.
  • You must provide the content that is clear ( about us text, any written content).
  • Paying the fees.
  • Agreeing to our terms and lead times.

What would be a problem?

  • We can’t source imagery for you.
  • We can’t source written content.
  • We can’t accept links to external pages, as we cannot chose the content
  • We are ambassadors for quality, we do not compromise on image quality.

How much does it cost?

  • £75 for 1 page design
  • £130 for 2 page designs
  • £160 for a full set of 4 page designs

Your proposal is your salesperson in the room when you’re not around. Graphics quickly say more than words alone. They communicate your company’s commitment, quality, and the importance you place on working with your future client.

Full page graphics are a great way for you to include additional pages you need to in any style that you want it to be.

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