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GoProposal makes it easy for accounting businesses to engage clients professionally, profitably & with the highest level of compliance.

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How can GoProposal help your accounting business?

Accounting services are complicated and difficult to price. Clients are complex and continually need more from you, and legislation around client engagement is onerous.

GoProposal solves all of this by giving you the most sophisticated client engagement platform, that removes all the bottlenecks, inconsistencies and time-traps associated with these processes.

We will empower you and your team to price consistently, grow more profitably and minimise risk with every client engagement throughout the life of every client… professionally, accurately and easily.

"We're running a successful accounting practice because of this tool."

“Having GoProposal allows us to demonstrate the services we offer – clients might not want them services now BUT at least they know they will be there in the future

–  Sam Newton | Gravitate Accounting


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