Discover the proven strategies for growing an impactful, profitable accountancy business, which you control (rather than which controls you.)

With Special Guest Will Farnell | 30th April, London 12pm - 6pm


Price more Profitably

Discover how to price your services more profitably and have your clients valuing you more with these 4 pillars of profitable pricing

Get Clients Valuing You More

Learn the number one reason accountancy firms have 'bad clients' and how to make yourself immune to them

Learn from Farnell Clarke

Learn how Farnell Clarke went from over-servicing and undercharging clients, to creating a highly successful and profitable business.

It’s Time To Solve The CORE Problems

Most problems we focus on are merely symptoms of deeper problems. The Growth & Profit Masterclass will be going deep, to solving fundamental problems at the core of your firm.

Our clients do what they want, when they want

Most accountancy firms are not in complete control of their clients. Each client seems to get a bespoke service from us and we’re forever chasing them for information. Nightmare.

We’re not as profitable as we could be

Most clients don’t pay enough, so you can provide the level of service they actually want to pay for. Some clients aren’t even profitable and pay in different ways.

It’s difficult to get my entire team on board

It can seem like an uphill struggle for a lot of accountancy firm owners, because the rest of the team or other partners seem to be pushing back down, rather than up.

If you are committed to moving your firm forward but feel that it’s an uphill struggle and you’re the only one pushing, then this event is for you

What You Will Discover

It’s time to cut through the BS, remove the chaos and start growing a more profitable accountancy business.

How To Price Profitably

It sounds simple, but unless you have a consistent, profitable pricing system at the core of your business, which EVERYONE sticks to, nothing else will work as well as you want it to. We will give you the pillars of profitable pricing.

How to Control Clients

Most accountancy businesses give too much control to their clients, through fear of losing them. This is dangerous for both parties. We will give you the method and documentation to take control.

Get your Team Onboard

Only by creating a sales culture can we begin to serve our clients to the level they need serving. But we think that accountants don’t like selling. You will be given the blueprint that will reverse their thinking on this.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

Most of the roadblocks we face, were first created in our own mind. This may not be the truth you want to face, but once you do, you’ll discover that you have the power to change a lot of this yourself. We will show you how with 5 key mindset shifts.

“If you are committed to moving your firm forward but feel that it’s an uphill struggle and you’re the only one pushing, then this event is for you.”

Paul Barnes | MAP.


30th April 2019


11:30am – 6pm


Intuit HQ, London


  • 12 – 1pm Arrive for a welcome Lunch
  • 1pm -3pm PART 1 – Mindset & Profit

Growth Mindset & Building the Foundations – James will be challenging limiting beliefs and showing you how to make significant breakthroughs by becoming more resourceful. We will be building the core pillars of a profitable firm and removing any obstacles to growth.

  • 3pm – 3:20pm Break
  • 3:20pm – 5:10pm PART 2 – Strategy & Growth

The Farnell Clarke Journey [Behind the Success] – Will Farnell will be taking you on the growth journey he has been on, giving you a privileged ‘behind the success’ view of the challenges they had to overcome. You will be given the space to reflect on your own growth and building out your 1 page plan.

  • 5:10pm – 5:20pm Alcohol is served (yes alcohol, because it makes the next section more interesting)
  • 5:20 – 6pm Q&A
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We've had conversations where we've increased by 4x and 8x using GoProposal, which means we're giving significantly more value to our clients.

Martin WardleRobson Laidler

What we have gained is far beyond our expectations. Now we can clearly articulate what services we provide and their value. We have confidence that our prices are fair and consistent.

Pam Phillipsde Jong Phillips

I’ve completely transformed my business and my mindset. Doubling the firm’s turnover, I’m now able to employ much needed staff and grow the business further in 2019 and beyond!

Sarah SallisAccountancy Office

It’s Time To Grow More Profitably

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