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01. The One Problem

And then if you’re able to get this order right, maybe, just maybe you’re able to achieve what we’re all looking for in life – joy and fulfilment. This is the icing on the cake.

There are surface problems and core problems and it’s the surface problems that distract you from seeing what’s really going on at the core.

So long as that value exchange is fair, in balance and optimised, you (should) make money.

Just look at this visual representation of an out of balance sales system. Do you think that is a fair representation of some or all of your client relationships?

Once you’ve restored balance and optimised what you already have, you then need to repeat this process at appropriate intervals, to keep them in balance.

This is the breakthrough I want to help you to make, and there’s one curious thing about breakthroughs.

02. Who Is James Ashford?

That work led to Paul making me a Director of MAP and giving me a 10% shareholding.

10. Four Reasons Why Clients Say No

Last year my wife had her eyebrows microbladed (tattooed on). Before she scheduled her appointment, she was given a guide about the range of emotions she would go through after she’d had them done. Even though not all of those emotions were positive, they provided certainty, which is all anyone is looking for from you.

12. Scope And Price

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means a reason for being and is the intersection between four elements:

  • What you love
  • What you care about
  • What the world needs
  • What you can get paid for

13. The Effortless Sales System - Part I

The 7 distinct phases of the sales system are:

  1. Initial Interest – Capture contact details & instill confidence
  2. Discovery Call – Ensure you’re a good fit for each other
  3. Priming Phase – Get the prospect ready to buy from you
  4. Meeting – Unlock the full value of the relationship
  5. Proposal – Articulate that value professionally
  6. Follow Up – Ensure the client signs up
  7. Sign Up – Transition the client into your onboarding process

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