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Sync contacts and automatically generate invoices in Sage Business Cloud when your proposals are accepted.

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Accounting is software for managing your business’s accounting. It allows you to quickly and easily create and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate admin, capture expenses, and much more. 

What are the benefits of the
GoProposal & Sage Accounting Integration?


Automatic invoice generation

When a proposal is accepted, the draft invoices are created in Sage Accounting for you to approve. 

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Attribute line items to account codes

Track revenue in Sage accounting by setting your tax codes & syncing your Account Codes from Sage Accounting to your Line Items in GoProposal.  

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Send new client details over to Sage

When you produce a proposal, we can pull existing from Sage Accounting or GoProposal can create new ones.

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How to Get Started with GoProposal & Sage

Sign up to a free accounting subscription when you sign up to Sage for Accounting.

"Time-saving is just the cherry on top

It’s making sure that everything which needs to happen for our clients, happens. Nothing falls through the net. ” Peter Watkins | Blue Penguin Accountants


Take the guesswork out of pricing & control your profitability

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