Even if you’re one of the few firms which has figured out how to correctly charge your clients in the first place, the complexity of the services you provide and the constantly changing nature of your client’s businesses, means that the scope of work can quickly become out of alignment with what they’re paying you.

So unless you have a system which flexes throughout the year which is driven by your team , you’ll end up over-servicing and undercharge your clients.

This then leads to a lot of accountancy firms not making enough money to be able to deliver the level of service your clients are happy to pay for and one of two things tend to happen:

– You over-service and undercharge your clients (nightmare for you.)

– You attempt to hit them with an ‘ambush invoice’ at the end of the year… IF….. you can figure out what they actually owe you (nightmare for you AND them.) Neither work.

All you want is to be paid for the hard work you do right?

There are several ways firms attempt to solve this, but over the years, we’ve refined a process which is being successfully used by accountancy firms around the world, which we call the 1-3-12 Rule™.

In this online masterclass you will learn…

– How to start any new client engagement off in the right way (which includes the first fee review after month three)

– The best way to position the 1-3-12 Rule™ to your clients so that client’s actually welcome the call

– The key bottleneck that will prevent this from working and the unexpected way firms are removing it