There’s a downward spiral that accountants can easily fall into, that zaps all of their energy and time. This spiral then prevents them from investing their time and energy into the clients that they’d love to be able to serve to a higher level

BUT….. the reason that they’re unable to break free from this spiral is the very fact that they are an accountant. “Accountant thinking” is great when finding problems within a set of accounts, but not necessarily when it comes to making risky decisions.

So I’ve come up with a risk free method of breaking free from this spiral that can having a huge impact on your revenue and save huge amounts of time, energy and frustration.

PS Sorry about the interruption at the end. Kids eh!!!

James Ashford

James Ashford

James is the Founder of GoProposal, Director of MAP., Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author of "Selling to Serve". He helps accountants and bookkeepers around the world to price more profitably, sell more confidently and to give significantly more value to their clients.