As part of our continued commitment to develop our software and remain the world’s leading pricing and proposal system for accountants, we’ve just launched 3 new features.

These have been the most requested features by our community and we’ve been working hard to make them live.


1. Previewable Proposals

This feature allows you to preview the proposal and the letter of engagement BEFORE you send it to the client.

Then, if it’s not exactly as you want it or you’ve missed something out, you can simply amend the services you’ve included before hitting send.

This gives you even greater confidence in what is being sent to the client.


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2. Duplicatable Proposals

It’s possible that your clients will want different versions of a proposal to consider. Especially because you can add “Services for them to Consider” in the proposals.

So picture this, you send proposal one, they then come back to you and say “You know what, I will go with those additional services after all.”

So rather than have to create the proposal again (which only takes 3 minutes btw), you can now just click a button and it will duplicate the previous proposal for you to amend and edit (which now takes 10 seconds).


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3. Xero Integration

Also…. if you hadn’t noticed, we’ve also made our Xero Integration Live too.

So now, when a proposal get’s digitally signed, GoProposal will automagically create fully itemised (if you want) draft invoices in Xero, for you to push live and turn into Repeating Invoices or to send as a one-off invoice.

Each line item can be correctly attributed to your Account Codes too for better reporting on the services you sell.

Our system doesn’t fire a new invoice into Xero each month. It just sends the data over to Xero once, and then Xero handles that invoice going out each month. Why would we want to compete with the repeating function of the invoicing when Xero can handle that waaaaayyyy better than we can?

You can then hook Xero up to your payment mechanism and you’re away.

This completes our mission of being able to agree fees, produce the proposal and the letter of engagement, get it digitally signed off and generate the invoice to trigger the payment mechanism…… in under three minutes.

Discover more about our Xero Integration >>


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