Provide watertight advice to your clients (that will protect you & your firm)

Wednesday 28th July - 10am BST

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Danielle Fisher

Danielle is a Senior Client Success Manager at GoProposal, supporting accounting and bookkeeping firms to meet their business goals through use of the GoProposal platform. She also oversees the development of OverSuite, liaising with our compliance experts to ensure that our engagement letters always reflect the highest levels of compliance excellence and protection.

Valarie Steward

For over 30 years Valerie Steward has worked with accountancy practices, helping them to develop their businesses and remain compliant. She has authored and co-authored a number of technical guides, work programmes on audit and anti-money laundering and practical aids such as engagement letters as well as publications on practice management and the not for profit sector.

Karen Eckstein

Experienced in professional risk and contentious tax. Karen offers a friendly, practical and pragmatic approach to clients' issues backed by technical expertise. She advises and assists professionals on risk issues in their practices- enabling them to focus on their own clients without the time consuming distractions that claims and complaints can cause.

You will leave knowing

All of the protections you have in place for general advice within OverSuite and how and when they should be used

How to define the purpose for all the advice you give with a watertight audit trail

How to construct your own service schedules for specific advice you give

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What People Are Saying About Us

We've had conversations where we've increased by 4x and 8x using GoProposal, which means we're giving significantly more value to our clients.

Martin WardleRobson Laidler

What we have gained is far beyond our expectations. Now we can clearly articulate what services we provide and their value. We have confidence that our prices are fair and consistent.

Pam Phillipsde Jong Phillips

I’ve completely transformed my business and my mindset. Doubling the firm’s turnover, I’m now able to employ much needed staff and grow the business further in 2019 and beyond!

Sarah SallisAccountancy Office