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GoProposal is more than just a piece of software, it's the education and training that surrounds it, designed to move the needle on your accounting business.

Video Training

Watch these valuable videos from the front line of what works in some of the most successful firms

Stop Training Your Clients To Be Bad Clients 8:31

Bad clients don’t start out bad, we train them to be bad by giving them so much for free, we train them not to value our services.

What does it mean when a client just won’t get back to you?

What happens is that you produce a proposal, the client seemed really eager, but then… nothing. This is what you should do.

“What Discount Can We Have?” The Best Response And The Reason Why 4:10

Discounting your services causes so many problems between you and your client. So this is how you handle that awkward question forevermore.

Version One is Better Than Version None 3:23

if you want to really move your business forward, you’ve got to start at version ONE, because version ONE is better than version NONE.

Value v The Perception of Value 7:40

There is a big difference between the VALUE you provide and the PERCEPTION OF THE VALUE. One is easy and one is tough.

When Clients Say “It’s Too Expensive” & What They Really Mean 10:38

This is the story of how I first became involved with My Accountancy Place and why GoProposal needed to be born.

Person First. Client Second. 6:20

This is one the core values we have at MAP. which helps us to serve our clients to a much higher level and it’s contributed towards growing our monthly recurring revenue by 50%.

See You Tomorrow 1:49

This is the video which My Accountancy Place send out to new prospects ahead of their proposal meeting, showing them where to come and what to expect.

Welcome to MAP 0:50

This is the video which clients get redirected to, once they’ve signed the proposal for My Accountancy Place. It sits above a data capture form on their website.

The Ladder Of Responsibility 14:30

We developed the LADDER OF RESPONSIBILITY for our accountancy firm, so when we have a challenge, we’re able to look to see where we’re responsible for that challenge occurring in the first place.

Team Training – Why GoProposal IS So Important

A big challenge accounting teams face and getting their clients to do the right things at the right time and to value what you do. This all starts with GoProposal.

Live Events

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Safeguard Your Firm – Risk Management steps you will want to take.


The measures you and your team can take to minimize the chances of a claim happening against your firm.

Become A Life Centered Accountant


Build the accounting or bookkeeping firm your clients, team and you’ll love.


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Get Off The Hamster Wheel

Discover the 5 steps to being valued more, paid more & taking control of your firm.

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The GLOSS Method

How to solve bigger problems for your clients and unlock their full value, by James Ashford

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The 1-3-12 Rule

How to guarantee you’re never doing more for your client than you’re getting paid for, by James Ashford

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