The GLOSS Method™ Blueprint

Solve bigger problems for your clients and unlock their full value.

The GLOSS Method™ Blueprint includes...

  • A plug and play framework you can use for sales meetings
  • A logical structure that every team member can embrace
  • The step-by-step method that unlocks the full opportunity with every client
  • The internal and client-facing process maps to communicate how you carry out meetings
  • The precise questions to ask at every stage of the process to get the answers your need

Give your team the exact framework they need to have more valuable conversations with your clients

The GLOSS Method™ is a proven, logical framework for successful sales meetings and fee reviews between accountancy firms and their clients. This consultative approach is designed to ensure you’re identifying every opportunity, solving your client’s greatest problems and delivering maximum value to them. Developed for GoProposal members, it is now widely recognised in accountancy and bookkeeping businesses around the world as being the most impactful approach to any sales discussion.

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Is this really free?

100%. We are fully committed to supporting the accounting industry by sharing our knowledge and what we’ve proven to work in thousands of accounting businesses around the world. We hope you find it useful and next time you have any questions around pricing or onboarding, please. keep us in mind.

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Solve bigger problems for your clients and unlock their full value

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