At GoProposal we are dedicated to keeping your data safe. Security is a fundamental need for our customers, which is why we are invested in offering the most robust, secure and scalable software.
Our systems deploy a set of comprehensive, proactive and reactive measures, at each level of the tech stack to ensure maximum security of your data and applications.

Web Application Firewall

Our network level firewall blocks all but required traffic (HTTP/HTTPS and SSH) in addition to our in-house web application firewall (WAF) that blocks malicious attacks.

Intrusion Prevention System

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Automated Malware Scanning

All web applications are scanned daily for indicators of malicious software. We use a Linux Malware Dedicated tool which receives regular updates to its over 40,000 indicators of compromise.

Email Filtering

All email sent are handled by a third-party email service that ensures the email is delivered successfully and performs anti-spam filtering. This helps prevent your web server from being blacklisted if a site on it begins to send spam emails.

DDos Protection

By utilising X for our data centre services, our network is protected through the X Standard, equipping our network with the proper enhancements to secure us from common Denial of Service threats and mitigate active attacks.

SSL Certificates

Our SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates our website's identity and enables an encrypted connection. This security protocol creates an encrypted link between the web server and web browser.

Ongoing Maintenance

In addition to these security-prone settings, we actively deliver ongoing, highly critical maintenance on your behalf, all validated by our core Development team. We run audits on our internal systems regularly to satisfy risk management and ensure the best security measures are in place.

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