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Experience our VIP level of support designed to help you to make the activation and adoption of GoProposal fast, for you and your firm. This comes as standard across ALL pricing plans.


Structured Onboarding Program

We have a proven method for helping you, your team and your firm to get up to full speed with GoProposal… fast!!! We call it our Kickstart Onboarding Program™ and it’s where we work with you to get your first proposal produced and accepted.


LIVE Web Training

We continually run live web events to get you up and running with GoProposal via our Kickstart Sessions. But then we’re constantly giving your business a boost with our Office Hours Sessions and one-off Mastermind Sessions with James Ashford and other industry experts. This is available to ALL our members, regardless of what plan you’re on.


In-App Chat

Access our support team directly from within your app. Ask us questions, share screen-shots & let us give you the support you need, when you need it.

GoProposal allows you to make massive gains almost overnight in both profitability & customer experience. I simply wouldn’t run our business without it now.

Ross MurrayDirector of Acumen Accountants

Help Videos

We have a bank of punchy help videos and support articles to get you up and running with GoProposal fast and to provide you and your team with the ongoing guidance you need.

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One-on-One Strategy Call

We will work with you one on one, to better understand your challenges, your goals and how we can help you achieve them, via a Strategy Call with your Account Manager. But you may also want to reach out at other times to talk to us about specific challenges. You can do this via the phone, email or video conferencing.

Over the last 12 months since we started using GP we have added £50K per annum recurring fees! Plus the support from GoProposal and the facebook group from all the other accountants was invaluable.

Steph RickabyFounder of Sunflower Accountants

Facebook Community

Our private Facebook group is one of our greatest assets. It is filled with hundreds of your peers who willingly share their knowledge about all aspects of growing a successful firm. This could include pricing, recruitment, marketing and all other challenges. You will be amazed by everybody’s generosity and enthusiasm in helping you to grow.

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Experience our proven method for helping you, your team and your firm to get up to full speed with GoProposal

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