One of the biggest problems accountants face, is getting their clients to behave as they want them to behave. If only your clients did what you wanted them to do, when you wanted them to do it, life would be so much simpler right?

So no doubt, you have clients paying you too little, taking up all of your time and THEY’RE frustrated with you.

You’ve attempted to bring in systems but your staff seem to be doing things their own way.

And so if you could only get your clients to behave as you want them to behave and your staff running the systems that YOU want them too.

Let me show you where your current processes might be falling down and creating all of this chaos AND the first step you need to make to resolve it.

Well the video above is my keynote talk that was first given at Accountex 2017 and which I’ve re-recorded as there was such a huge demand from accountants who had heard about it, but who missed it.

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