Unlock the potential from your client conversations

We have teamed up with The Gap to bring you an exclusive web event where we will hear from three top accounting business owners who will share how they maximise their client conversations.

Thursday 22nd July 2021

What You Will Discover

How to get your team excited about speaking with clients

How to look beyond the numbers and start having real conversations

How to use your app stack to maximise sales opportunities

The one thing you need to do with existing clients before looking for new ones

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What People Are Saying About Us

We've had conversations where we've increased by 4x and 8x using GoProposal, which means we're giving significantly more value to our clients.

Martin WardleRobson Laidler

What we have gained is far beyond our expectations. Now we can clearly articulate what services we provide and their value. We have confidence that our prices are fair and consistent.

Pam Phillipsde Jong Phillips

I’ve completely transformed my business and my mindset. Doubling the firm’s turnover, I’m now able to employ much needed staff and grow the business further in 2019 and beyond!

Sarah SallisAccountancy Office