Untapped: The Breakthrough Session

Grow your revenue from existing clients without losing them (or making them hate you)

Friday 27th May 2022 | 10am BST

Author of Untapped

James Ashford

& Special Guests

What You Will Learn

Why you should stop focusing on signing new clients 

How to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from unlocking the full potential from your existing clients

The exact method to build momentum and push your business up to the next level

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What People Are Saying About Us

We've had conversations where we've increased by 4x and 8x using GoProposal, which means we're giving significantly more value to our clients.

Martin WardleRobson Laidler

I’ve completely transformed my business and my mindset. Doubling the firm’s turnover, I’m now able to employ much needed staff and grow the business further in 2019 and beyond!

Sarah SallisAccountancy Office