Tuesday 24th January

Live Web Event | 1:00pm EST

Do you want to grow your revenue from existing clients, for the work you’re already doing?

This year, James Ashford (VP of GoProposal by Sage) released his latest book Untapped which identifies the key difference between successful and unsuccessful business owners.

Untapped documents his journey with 100 GoProposal members who participated in his course, which led to a collective revenue of 1.5 MILLION USD for no extra work on their part.

Now, he wants to help YOU push your business EVEN FURTHER.

Key Takeaways:

•  How to increase your revenue from existing clients alone through using the principles of Untapped

•  What barriers can prevent you from unlocking the full potential of your clients, and what can be done to overcome them

•  The exact method to build momentum and push your business up to the next level

  • (If you are a current GoProposal member, please use the email address associated with your account)