How Smooth Accounting Doubled

Their Revenue with GoProposal

with Jack Choppin & Jeri Williams

Level up your accounting business

Join Jack Choppin and Jeri Williams for an exclusive webinar, sharing insights into how Smooth Accounting have doubled their revenue since joining GoProposal.

Learn from Jeri’s first hand experience, how to charge your worth and improve the quality of your client relationships, so you can level up your accounting business and make more money from less clients, even on an international scale!

Join us Wednesday 7th June 10:00am-11:00am

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You Will Learn

  • THE single most effective way to communicate the value of your services
  • Why investing in the finance function of your business is imperative to success 
  • A foolproof methodology to ensure that you NEVER work for free 
  • How to remove the bottleneck so your business runs smoothly without you 

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