10:00am-10:30am (GMT) 11th July 2024

Mastering your firm's pricing with Laura Day Henderson

Is it a constant challenge to get the pricing right for your accounting services?

For your firm to not just survive but thrive, you need to get tactical with pricing in order to be profitable.

Laura Day Henderson did this to her own firm, she will be joined by Jack Choppin on 11 July at 10:00 AM BST to share how she got pricing right for both old and new clients.

Join us to learn:

  • The importance of strategic pricing
  • Ways to communicate value and manage clients
  • How to optimise your pricing for profitability and growth


Practice Success Manager, GoProposal by Sage

Jack Choppin

As a Practice Success Manager at GoProposal by Sage, Jack works alongside accounting businesses to help revolutionise the way that they price their services and engage with their clients.

He has 7 years of experience working with accountants, showing them how they can bring confidence and consistency to their sales and compliance processes.

Founder, More than bookkeeping

Laura Day Henderson

Laura Day-Henderson is the founder of ‘More Than Bookkeeping’ which provides bookkeepers and accountants with the mentoring, support and training they require to confidently and effectively provide business owners with the crucial information, insights and guidance they require to build a more profitable, sustainable and thriving business.