Price consistently, sell more confidently and minimise risk, with the client engagement software that enables your accounting business to grow even more profitably.

Cheryl Sharp | Pink Pig Financials


Sell with confidence across the entire firm

Agree on fees with your clients without any awkwardness, instantly in real-time and fully present your value in a professional proposal that reflects your brand.

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“GoProposal gives you a shield of confidence. even if you don’t think you are a confident salesperson.” – Lisa Moynagh | Bright Vision Accountancy

"GoProposal helped me build my confidence and charge my worth!"

The whole team are crystal clear on what is and isn’t in scope. We communicate clearly among each other and to clients. GoProposal helps with this, because I’ve set the prices in the back end – the team don’t have access to that.

This was an intentional strategy because it means when they’re out conducting proposal meetings they physically cannot adjust the price of services. If a client asks for a discount, they wouldn’t know how to. This strategy isn’t built on a lack of trust, but rather to give them confidence in saying no to discounts.

–  Cheryl Sharp | Pink Pig Financials


Solve bigger problems for your clients & unlock their full value

Give your team the exact framework they need to have more valuable conversations with your clients