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Success-Shaping Features

8 Key GoProposal Features to Profitably Grow Your Accountancy Firm

Do you strive for your accountancy firm to stand out in an increasingly competitive market? The good news is, it’s […]

Do you strive for your accountancy firm to stand out in an increasingly competitive market?

The good news is, it’s possible. The better news is, it doesn’t entail as much manual labour as you might be dreading.

Every successful accounting business owner’s secret is *systemising.

You can’t make a scalable business if you don’t systemise every part and remove yourself as a bottleneck.

If that sounds like an overwhelming task, fear not. GoProposal can help you get the wheels in motion, as it does the dirty work of your whole onboarding system; from wowing clients with a world-class proposal, to guiding them through AML checks with ease, to signing them up with a fully complaint, up-to-date engagement letter.

Here are 8 key features of GoProposal that will help propel your firm into the big leagues…


  1. The Pricing Wizard
  2. Line Items
  3. Service Schedules
  4. Key Dates
  5. Proposal & Engagement Letter Templates
  6. Integrations
  7. Contact Hub
  8. Create Proposal


1. The Pricing Wizard

Our tried and trusted pricing generator

If you can’t control your profitability, it’s hard to control anything else. Having a process to consistently price your clients is imperative in ensuring you are pricing consistently with every client.

The first step to achieving this is by completing the Pricing Wizard.

What is a Pricing Wizard?

GoProposal’s Pricing Wizard is software that allows you to create a comprehensive, menu-based pricing model that’s easy to tailor to each client.

Make pricing packages that don’t suit the majority of your client-base a thing of the past, with bespoke, itemised pricing that eliminates the risk of scope-creep.

Sounds complex? It isn’t. Let the system do the hard work for you in seconds, building out suggested pricing based on the best practice of other accountants.

How do I use my Pricing Wizard?

All you have to do is answer 3 quick questions, then sit back and let our algorithm work its magic.

2. Line Items

Enables you to customise each individual service

Line Items are at the heart of your GoProposal app; this is where you can configure your services and tweak prices suggested by The Pricing Wizard to suit your business.

Their user-friendly design means you can present a detailed breakdown of each service and associated costs in the meeting with the client, eliminating confusion and instilling confidence in them.

The line items page is fully flexible for you to amend fees, hide and remove irrelevant services, duplicate or add new services from scratch.

3. Service Schedules

Automated Service Schedules, bespoke to each client

Our Service Schedules feature allows you to define and schedule recurring tasks and activities for each client. This makes it easy to clearly articulate to the client the exact schedule they can expect work on each service to be carried out for them.

Your service schedules can then be automatically attached to each Engagement Letter, for each client engagement, based on their selected services.

Automated Service Schedules can vastly reduce time on administrative tasks, empowering your firm to handle more clients and expand your portfolio.

4. Key Dates

Never miss a deadline with automated key dates

In order for you to stick to the Service Schedule in a timely manner, it is essential to set clear expectations with each client on when they must provide you with the necessary information to do your job.

For each service, you can articulate the exact deadline information is needed in line with the filing deadline.

Automating Key Dates minimises the risk of missed deadlines and penalties and ultimately, client dissatisfaction. By sticking to Key Dates stringently, you can operate with such precision and reliability that you can minimise workload bottlenecks throughout the year.

Euan Brown and his firm, Total Accounting, are a shining example of this, ensuring all taxes are submitted way before the end of year rush. Catch his chat with James Ashford about this here.

5. Proposal and Engagement Letter Templates

Fully customisable templates for your most crucial contracts

We couldn’t talk about GoProposal features without talking about our Proposal Templates.

They’re fundamental to GoProposal, and the template you choose will dictate how your proposal document looks, the e-mail your client will receive, and other key elements such as testimonials and graphics.

Together with customisable Engagement Letter Templates, you can create documents that are both professional and persuasive effortlessly.

Did you know that you can create multiple templates? This means you can tailor your proposals to different niches you might work with, or the work you’re providing. By leveraging these templates, you can showcase your firm’s expertise, outline services and deliverables, and present pricing options in a visually appealing format.

All these little details create a world-class, memorable experience for your clients that sets you apart from other accounting firms they encounter.

6. Integrations

Run all your accounting apps together cohesively

Our integrations with your most loved accounting software create a seamless, efficient experience for yourself, your client and your team.

Connect GoProposal with a whole host of accounting, practice management and payment platforms. Benefit from a synchronised workflow, gain essential insights into your business and client performance, and ensure the services you are quoting for are always accurate.

Take a look at our ever-growing list of integrations here.

7. Contact Hub

A central hub of all client and prospect data

Imagine hiring another member for your team, to look after all client and prospect data, ensuring it’s live and up to date in one central hub.

That’s what the Contact Hub can do for you.

All client-related information, communication and history is consolidated in one place. Having a comprehensive view of each client better enables your team to provide a personalised service, identify upsell opportunities and nurture relationships.

Filter your list of prospects so you can monitor your sales pipeline with ease.

The Contact Hub does the heavy lifting for you, supporting lead growth by helping you to manage scope, increase revenue, and minimise risk.

8. Create Proposal

Generate proposals to a world-class standard

With all the background work set up, you can now enter your client & prospect meetings with confidence to WOW them, by drawing up their proposal in front of their eyes.

While many accountancy firms still keep their pricing methodology close to their chest, making clients wait hours, days or sometimes weeks to receive a proposal for their services, you can now work on the proposal collaboratively, showing each client your true value.

GoProposal’s makes selecting services, setting pricing, and customising content a breeze. The software does the fiddley bits, creating compelling proposals and freeing you up to communicate your expertise with confidence.

This creates a winning relationship from the get-go as clients work in collaboration with you to agree on every service they require.

GoProposal was designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers, to help you market your services and showcase the value your accountancy firm gives to your clients.

It’s a tool, and all the above features work to streamline your operations so you can focus on the work you do best, but we’re so much more than that…

We’re proud to have nurtured a community of like-minded accountants, who are brave business leaders, supporting each other, challenging the status quo and daring to excel in an ever-competitive market.

If you’re still not sure GoProposal is for you, start a free trial and see for yourself.

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