Price more profitably, give more value and sign-up clients in minutes with the only FULLY
automated pricing & proposal software, that is helping progressive firms to grow at pace


  • It is pre-loaded with the services & pricing strategies of high-achieving firms as a starting point for you to edit
  • Fully configurable to achieve the exact pricing you want
  • Add unlimited services & present them in a clear menu
  • Agree fees in front of your clients with confidence, for the services they need now & in the future
  • Ensures you get paid for ALL the services you provide
  • Handles catch-up fees for mid-year sign-ups
  • Simple & logical for your entire team to use
  • Produce instant Proposals, fully branded with logos, colours, full-page graphics, testimonials & more
  • Auto-generate fully compliant Letters of Engagement
  • Digital sign-off of both Proposal & LoE
  • Sign-up clients straight away in the proposal meeting
  • Automatically generate the invoicing in Xero
  • Personal one-to-one VIP support
  • Free access to our private Facebook Group
  • Used by hundreds of progressive firms
  • Recently voted the leading proposal software for accountancy firms in an independent review. Read it here >>
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“I love waking up to signed proposals!
GoProposal makes it so easy for accountants
and their clients.”


Alasdair McGill

Co-Founder of Ashton Mcgill Accountants


Sign new clients up faster and give more value to existing clients

1. Configure Complex Pricing

Configure the exact pricing you want to charge for your services. Add layers of variations, charge based on their revenue and build in whatever level of complexity you need.

2. Easily Agree Fees

Easily agree fees whilst you’re sat with your prospects and clients. This speeds up the sales process & allows them to comfortably choose to buy more from you.

3. Produce Instant Proposals

Produce instant proposals that look fantastic, contain all the information your clients need to make a decision and has been psychologically designed to improve conversion rates.

4. Auto-Generate Letters of Engagement

Dynamically generate Letters of Engagement with one click, which automagically pulls through your Scope, Terms & Conditions and all the Service Schedules for the specific services chosen in the proposal.

5. Digital Signatures

Get your new client to sign-off your Letter of Engagement digitally and legally with a real signature. They also require a check box to be selected, being time-stamped, date-stamped and IP Address-Stamped.

6. Trigger Your Onboarding

Redirect your new client straight into your onboarding process and notifying your team via email. You can also trigger off automation in CRMs such as Infusionsoft, Trello, Capsule and Slack.

Fully Integrated with Xero

Connect your GoProposal App with your Xero App for a seamless, integrated sales system


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Discover the benefits that our clients are enjoying

"In the four months we've been using GoProposal it has allowed us to increase our annual revenue by an additional £100k. Half of which has come from new clients and the other half has come from existing clients AND... I haven't produced a single proposal. My team now does them.
Paul Barnes Founder of My Accountancy Place
"Our conversion rate has increased by 30% since using GoProposal. This is the best pricing product we've seen on the market and has enabled us to maximise the value we provide to our clients."
Phil Ellerby Founder of Northern Accountants
"So just met with an existing client for a fee review and they agreed to 3 x increase this year and moving up to 5 x their current price next year. So I'm really happy because it's more than I would have increased it without GoProposal and I can give more value to the client."
Marie Donaldson Founder of Quarry Accountancy
"I've just signed up a 1 director Ltd company for £626 +VAT per month, by far my largest every customer – not sure I would have ever priced in this way before. My largest was probably around the £300 mark – so a massive difference, and it feels awesome."
Nick Kay Founder of Pavilion Accountancy
"GoProposal is now the hub of my business. I have real comfort and confidence this system is being driven by the right person who's a sales and systems expert, not an accountant."
Martyn Hodgson Founder of Swirral Accountancy
The old ways don't work anymore and you need to fundamentally change. Using GoProposal we increased one client's fees from £2750 to £6250 and the way I see it, he's now receiving over double the value from us.
Martin Wardle Director at Robson Laidler
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