GoProposal gives accountants and bookkeepers the system to price more profitably, the confidence to charge what they're worth & the transparency to consistently wow their clients.

Maximise the value you give to your clients AND get in return

Price More Profitably

Get paid for ALL the hard work you do, with a systemised approach to pricing. We will actually give you the pricing templates being used by profitable firms today, for you to adapt to suit your business.

Sell More Confidently

GoProposal is a logical sales tool that will give you and your team the confidence to agree fees whilst you're sitting with your clients, so you can charge what you're worth & serve them to a much higher level.

End Scope Creep

Doing more than you're getting paid for, devalues your service and turns good clients into bad ones. GoProposal allows you to easily recalibrate the scope of work you're providing on a regular basis... in seconds.

Wow Your Clients

GoProposal gives you the transparency and speed that will wow your clients. Clients will now be able to sign proposals & fee reviews during the meeting & know exactly what they're paying for.

Client Stories

“GoProposal has made me an additional £30,000 this year.”

Euan Brown | Owner of Total Accounting

Key features that make pricing and selling your services so simple

Pre-Loaded Prices & Services

To fast-track your success, we pre-load your app with the services and profitable pricing methodologies of leading accountancy firms who are succeeding today. This is a great starting point for you to then edit and amend and make work for YOUR business. Why reinvent the wheel?

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is a logical approach to pricing, which accountancy firms and their staff embrace. It comprises of complex calculations and is reflective of service level, turnover, quality of record keeping, No. of Transactions and other factors, making it transparent, fair and profitable.

Client-Facing Menus

GoProposal allows you to sit with the client and easily agree the fees in front of them, with client-facing menus of services. Client’s love this transparency, allowing you and your team to logically agree the fees, rather than sending the price later with your fingers crossed.

Automatically Generated Proposals & LoEs

Save time and wow your clients by automatically producing instant proposals, that look fantastic and structured to be highly converting. It also produces fully compliant Letters of Engagement, dynamically merging the correct base LoE, client data & chosen Service Schedules.

Digital Signatures with OnTheSpot™ Acceptance

You now have the power to get your clients to digitally & legally sign your Letters of Engagement, whilst they’re still in the meeting with OnTheSpot™ acceptance if they want to. Then redirect the client anywhere you want, such as to a payment page.

Seamless Integrations

GoProposal seamlessly integrates with Xero & QuickBooks, generating the invoicing upon acceptance of the proposal, as well as triggering workflows in Karbon & Senta and payments in GoCardless. We also integrate with Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Active Campaign & CapsuleCRM.

Client Stories

“Wow!!! GoProposal has been a real catalyst for change in my business.”

Marie Donaldson | Founder of Fresh Clarity Accounting

Create seamless processes with our key integrations

Client Stories

“The onboarding experience is enhanced incredibly & it makes our life easier.”

Scott Pheby | Founder of Pheby's Accountants

If now isn't the right time to start charging for all the hard work you do, when is?