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GoProposal makes it easy for accounting businesses to engage clients professionally, profitably & with the highest level of compliance.

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Join the 10,000+ accountants and bookkeepers growing more profitably with GoProposal


Price consistently, remove scope creep and grow more profitably with GoProposal.


Minimise risk with smart engagement letters that update as legislation changes.


Have complete confidence in your firm’s AML processes with everything in one place.

How will GoProposal benefit my firm?

Accounting services are complicated and difficult to price. Clients are complex and continually need more from you, and legislation around client engagement is onerous.

GoProposal solves all of this by giving you the most sophisticated client engagement platform, that removes all the bottlenecks, inconsistencies and time-traps associated with these processes.

We will empower you and your team to price consistently, grow more profitably and minimise risk with every client engagement throughout the life of every client… professionally, accurately and easily.

"Clients can see exactly what you'll be doing for them."

“GoProposal is very transparent, your clients can see exactly what you’ll be doing for them, and they’ll also see that they’re going to get the same price as another client. There is no special treatment, it’s fair and it has massively boosted the revenue of my business.

–  Jo Wood | Jo Wood Virtual FD

Much more than Proposal Software

The goal of GoProposal is to help accounting and bookkeeping professionals grow their businesses by improving their pricing and proposal processes, and ultimately, providing better value to their clients.


Price consistently & eliminate scope creep

Remove the guesswork with a systemised approach to pricing, that uses sophisticated calculations and a logic that your team will want to use and your clients will understand.


Sell with confidence across the entire firm

Agree on fees with your clients without any awkwardness, instantly in real-time and fully present your value in a professional proposal that reflects your brand.


Minimise risk &
set clear expectations

Generate fully compliant engagement letters in seconds and have them digitally & securely signed by one or more people. Import your own letters or use smart engagement letters from OverSuite®.

"GoProposal gives us a consistent and transparent approach to pricing"

“Any member of our team can talk to a client or prospect and give an instant price, that we know is right. GoProposal also manages scope creep, which used to be a real issue for us. Now we have the ability to be very clear with clients about what’s in and what’s out.

–  Will Farnell | Farnell Clarke

Do More with GoProposal

These are unique features in GoProposal to help you achieve practice excellence

Data-Driven Pricing® 0:58

Access all of the client data you need to accurately inform the price in the precise place you need it the most.

Contact Hub® 1:11

Easily import all clients, drive actions off the back of their year end dates & gain insights into their growth through weekly reporting.

OverSuite® 1:18

Use Smart Engagement Letters that evolve with regulatory changes & auto-update in GoProposal for you.

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"Since using GoProposal, my annual prices have become my monthly prices!"

“GoProposal allows me to be mechanical about my prices and understand that the value I offer should be paid for. I have grown from a one woman practice to having business partners, and employing an extra member of staff.

–  Beverley Sydney | Sydney Hudson Accountants


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