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Letters of Engagement Instantly, with GoProposal


Transform The Way You Price & Sell Your Services... Forever

Don't Leave Money On The Table Anymore

Many accountants don’t charge enough, don’t charge for everything the provide and don’t adjust their fee as their client’s circumstances change. GoProposal will make sure you never leave money on the table again.

Sell More Of The Services Your Clients Need

Accountants lose potential clients and fail to sell additional services to existing clients, because producing Proposals, Renewals and Letters of Engagement takes too much time. GoProposal creates all of them instantly.

Take The Selling Out Of Your Sales Process

Accountants typically don’t enjoy selling, upselling or increasing fees. GoProposal takes all of the selling and emotion out of your entire sales process, so that your clients BUY from you rather than you having to SELL to them.

"Our Closure Rate Has Increased By 30% Since Using GoProposal"

Phil Ellerby | Founder of Northern Accountants

Recent Success Stories

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Nick Kay | Pavilion Accountancy


Just to let you know, have just signed up a 1 director Ltd company for £626 +VAT per month, by far my largest every customer – not sure I would have ever priced in this way before, in fact, the Monthly Management Accounts, Budgets & Forecasts and Quarterly Meetings were not something that I systematically offered.

My largest before was probably around the £300 mark – so a massive difference, & it feels awesome.



Let YOUR Story Begin

Package Up Your Services & Agree Fees

Having the ability to easily agree fees whilst you’re sat with the client, speeds up the buying process by allowing them to ask any questions whilst you’re with them, rather than dragging out over the weeks that follow.

Produce Stunning Proposals & Renewals... Instantly!

Producing proposals and renewals takes valuable time and if the client doesn’t have it instantly… then they’re desire to sign up rapidly wains after your meeting. GoProposal fires them a stunning proposal instantly, that’s designed to convert them into a client faster.

Auto-Generate Letters of Engagement & Get Sign Off

Manually producing your Letters of Engagement is a pain and takes time. It also prevent eager clients from just signing up there in then. GoProposal also produces an instant Letter of Engagement that can be digitally signed with a real signature which then notifies your team to start the onboarding.

"We've increased our average monthly fee to over £400 and now ALL of our accountants are selling. It's amazing!!!
Paul Barnes My Accountancy Place | UK
"This is the best pricing product that we've seen on the market."
Phil Ellerby Northern Accountants | United Kingdom

Welcome To Your Dashboard

The GoProposal dashboard and admin area have been intuitively designed for busy accountants to easily navigate so they can quickly configure their settings. You can very easily…

  • Add new services and make the pricing work for your firm
  • Add Team Members who can produce proposals
  • Configure exactly what you want it to say in your proposal
  • Create packages of your most valuable services


World Class Support

There are training videos throughout the entire application, showing you exactly what to do. There’s a help section, active support forum and support tickets, all managed by our world class support team.

Ready To Rock Out Of The Box

GoProposal comes out of the box, fully configured and ready to use. Just tweak the services to fit your offering, upload your logo & paste your Letter of Engagement in there and you’re ready to rock!!!

Integrates With Infusionsoft

Feel the full force of GoProposal by connecting your app up with infusionsoft to trigger off automation each time a Proposal is produced and when the Letter of Engagement gets signed.

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