The benefits of integrating with


Automatically update client details and task lists when a proposal is accepted thanks to this two-way integration.

What is AccountancyManager?

AccountancyManager is a leading UK practice management software offering accountants a whole host of time-saving features 

  • Assure consistency throughout your practice with AccountancyManager’s sophisticated workflow automations
  • An efficient, all-in-one portal gives clarity for you and your clients 
  • Highly customisable to suit the specific needs of your practice to improve, not replace your current process
  • Easy profitability tracking feature enables you to make better business decisions

What are the benefits of the
GoProposal & AccountancyManager Integration?

This integration will allow you to sync client and proposal details between GoProposal and AccountancyManager – in both directions. 


Update the client timeline

The proposal is saved to the client timeline so that it’s easily accessible by all team members. 

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Seamless quoting process

Utilising the quick link between AccountancyManager and GoProposal users can select a prospect in either AccountancyManager or GoProposal and quickly create a proposal. When the proposal is accepted, services and fees are automatically updated in AccountancyManager.

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Pull contact details through from AccountancyManager or create new contacts

When creating a proposal, users will be able to search for either a prospect or a client in AccountancyManager. Thanks to the two-way integration, if users want to create a prospect in GoProposal the client details will be synced with AccountancyManager, keeping data accurate and removing any duplication of data entry. 

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Initiate workflows when proposals are accepted

Line Items in GoProposal are connected to services in AccountancyManager, meaning that when proposals are accepted the associate tasks are created within AM. 

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How Your Workflow Will Look With The AccountancyManager Integration

The GoProposal & AccountancyManager Integration isn’t about connecting two platforms, it’s about creating one seamless onboarding system for your firm with these deeply integrated, practice powerhouses.

How to Get Started with GoProposal & AccountancyManager

Getting started with GoProposal and AccountancyManager is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration

"Time-saving is just the cherry on top

It’s making sure that everything which needs to happen for our clients, happens. Nothing falls through the net. ” Peter Watkins | Blue Penguin Accountants


Take the guesswork out of pricing & control your profitability

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