Integrate GoProposal with Accountancy Manager

Streamline your processes

Start saving time by streamlining your processes through automatic task generation as soon as your client accepts their engagement.

Automatically trigger tasks

Match your tasks that have already been created in AccountancyManager to your line items in GoProposal so you never miss a task again (based on the service agreement with your client)

Easily view your clients documents

Automatically view your clients documents in one place within their AccountancyManager timeline once your client has accepted their engagement 

How to Get Started with GoProposal & AccountancyManager

Getting started with GoProposal and AccountancyManager is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration



Head to Settings > Integrations > AccountancyManager Integration and add in your AM Access Key (AM = AccountancyManager). To find your Access Key, within AM head to Tools > Integrations > GoProposal by Sage and select ‘copy’ beside the API Key. Within the text box, add in your GoProposal URL and select ‘Confirm App Name’. URL example: ascendpremiumaccountingservices


Setup Your Line Items

Select Configure > Line Items > ‘Edit Line’ beside any of your line items. From here, select the Integrations tab, and select a work template from the drop-down list. Make sure the work template you’d like to select already exists in AccountancyManager.


Connect Your Clients

Start connecting your clients on GoProposal’s Create Proposal page. Select the text box and start typing a client's name and click ‘Search’. If you’re not able to find the client you’re looking for, select ‘search more from AccountancyManager’ and this will search for both clients and prospects already in AM.

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