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Automatically trigger workflows and update contact details when a proposal is accepted with this deep, two-way integration (no need for Zapier)

What is Karbon?

Karbon is how you run your accounting firm. It brings all your planning, clients, work and communication together, online. In one place, where it belongs.
  • Workflow automation, templates and client tasks keep everyone aligned to the same goals
  • Unparalleled visibility means you know where every job stands and nothing falls through the cracks
  • Powerful collaboration tools allow you to discuss work where the work gets done
  • Budgets, actuals, timesheets and reporting unlock your hidden profitability

What are the benefits of the
GoProposal & Karbon Integration?


Trigger onboarding processes for specific Proposal Types

Connect each Proposal Type in GoProposal to multiple onboarding workflows in Karbon. So when that Proposal Type is accepted, those workflows are triggered.

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Automatically trigger workflows when a service is selected

Connect each Line Item in GoProposal to a workflow in Karbon. If that Line Item is included in the proposal, when it’s accepted, the onboarding workflow is triggered.

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Pull contact details through from Karbon or create new contacts

Pull existing contacts from Karbon or create a new contacts via GoProposal. Our two-way integration keeps data accurate, removes any duplication or the need for Zapier.

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How Your Workflow Will Look With The Karbon Integration

The GoProposal & Karbon Integration isn’t about connecting two platforms, it’s about creating one seamless onboarding system for your firm with these deeply integrated, practice powerhouses.

How to Get Started with GoProposal & Karbon

Getting started with GoProposal and Karbon is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration

"Clients love our streamlined onboarding system

The integration saves us so much time and we have all of the information we need at our fingertips.”

Pam Phillips | de Jong & Phillips LLP


Take the guesswork out of pricing & control your profitability

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