Integrate GoProposal with Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sync contacts and automatically generate invoices in Sage Business Cloud Accounting when your proposals are accepted.

Automatic invoice generation

When a proposal is accepted, the draft invoices are created in Sage Business Cloud Accounting for you to approve.

Attribute line items to account codes

Track revenue in Sage Business Cloud Accounting by setting your tax codes & syncing your Account Codes from Sage Business Cloud Accounting to your Line Items in GoProposal.  

Send new client details over to Sage

When you produce a proposal, we can pull existing from Sage Business Cloud Accounting or GoProposal can create new ones.

How to Get Started with GoProposal & Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Getting started with GoProposal and Sage Business Cloud Accounting is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration


Enter the GoProposal App

In the GoProposal app head to Settings > Integrations > Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration and then click the 'Login with SBCA' button.


Log into Sage

You now need to have the 2FA feature enabled in your team settings to set up the Sage integration. If you already have this enabled you should be able to see the option to toggle on the Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration, so you can skip to Step 3, however if you do not have 2FA enabled yet, you will need to set this up before you can go any further.


Toggle SBCA in App

Once you have entered your Sage Business Cloud Accounting log in details, you will be redirected back to Sage Business Cloud Accounting integrations page in your GoProposal app.


Set up Tax Rates

The final step to connecting your Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration is to ensure you have the correct tax rates set up to pass through to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. If there is no tax rate set up, the integration will not work.


Set up Pricing

To set this up, head to Configure > Pricing tool set up and then scroll down to the Tax Rates section.

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