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Access all of the client data you need to accurately inform the price, instantly, in real-time, in the precise place you need it the most. This changes everything!

What is Dext Precision?

Dext Precision is a toolkit of intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping and compliance tools…

  • Automatically identify mis-codings to save your team time and reduce errors on a daily basis.
  • Track key liabilities and quickly spot unwanted changes to historical data.
  • Give all team members the confidence to have the right conversations with your clients with flexible reporting and cleaner accounts.

What are the benefits of the
GoProposal & Dext Precision Integration?

Pricing accounting and bookkeeping services has always hard, because clients are complex and there are so many unknown factors. Getting all the data you’d need to accurately inform that price would just take too long...... until now.


Get the key client data you need, in real-time

Dext Precision know’s the quality of your client’s record keeping, their revenue, key data and the transaction volumes they have flowing through their business, instantly.

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Bring the client data into GoProposal

As you quote a client, you can pull their key data from Dext Precision, directly into GoProposal with one-click. This can include…

  • Health Score
  • Annual Revenue
  • Current Run Rate
  • Monthly Sales Invoices
  • Monthly Purchase Invoices
  • Monthly Credits Notes
  • Monthly Journals
  • Monthly Bank Transactions
  • Monthly Transactions
  • VAT Scheme
  • VAT Period Start
  • Debtor Balance
  • Average Debtor Days
  • One-Day Impact
  • No. of Bank Accounts
  • No. of Manual Feeds


Position the data where you need it the most

Assign the client activity data to different line items and even to different options within a line item. This removes all ambiguity and gives you and your team, total confidence and complete accuracy when quoting a client.

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Available Client Data For Your Dext Precision GoProposal Integration

The GoProposal & Dext Precision Integration isn’t about connecting two platforms; it’s about creating an indisputable method for pricing your services, backed by data, so that anyone on your team can confidently do it. Here’s the data available you can pull from Dext Precision, to accurately inform your fees with Data-Driven Pricing.

How to Get Started with GoProposal & Dext Precision

Getting started with GoProposal and Dext Precision is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration

"This integration is absolutely revolutionary

We are already seeing an increase in fees both for our bookkeeping work, where we have historically underpriced, and on our accounts where we can easily demonstrate the quality of the accounting records to put them into the correct bucket.” Georgi Rollings | Starfish Accounting


Take the guesswork out of pricing & control your profitability

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