Integrate GoProposal with Dext Precision

The integration of GoProposal with Dext Precision automates proposal creation and financial document processing for accounting firms. This streamlines workflows, reduces administrative tasks, and improves accuracy, allowing firms to focus more on client service and strategic activities

Access client data in real time

Automate your data collection with GoProposal and Dext Precision. All you have to do is generate your Dext API token within Dext and paste it into GoProposal.

Capture client data in GoProposal

Start building proposals with client data pulled directly from Dext Precision. Every time you build out a proposal, you can strengthen your client conversations with data such as:

  • Health Scores
  • Annual Revenue
  • Monthly Bank Transactions
  • Monthly Credit Notes
  • Monthly Sales Invoices

Position the data where you need it most

Give your team total confidence when quoting a client by assigning client activity data to different line items, and even to different options within a line item. Remove ambiguity and ensure your team can quote a client with complete accuracy.

How to Get Started with GoProposal & Dext Precision

Getting started with GoProposal and Dext Precision is simple and connecting the two platforms is fast because of our innate integration



Head to Settings > Integrations > Dext Precision Integration and add the API Token. To find your API Token within Dext Precision, head to Your Settings > API, name your API Token and select ‘create’. Choose ‘copy to clipboard’ and paste into the Integrations page on GoProposal.


Configure Your Data

Select how often you’d like to apply your monthly averages for each Proposal Template type. This can be done for the past 3 or 12-month period.


Setup Your Line Items

Select Configure > Line Items > ‘Edit Line’ beside any of your line items. From here, select the Integrations tab, and turn the toggle ‘on’ so that activity metrics can be configured in the Pricing section. After the toggle has been switched on, select the ‘pricing’ tab and select a Global Activity Metric to pull through from the drop-down list.


Start Using Activity Metrics

Start shaping your client proposals with the use of Dext Precisions Global Activity Metrics. Apply the metrics to dropdowns such as the Annual Revenue Range to ensure it’s accurate. P.S Make sure the client and client data exist in Dext Precision before searching it in GoProposal.

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