Automatically generate the most sophisticated Engagement Letters

Accurately produce engagement letters that can be sent, signed and returned electronically within one system with all the sophistication you need.


Produce instant Engagement Letters, accurately, every time

Don’t waste time assembling engagement letters. GoProposal will bring all of the required elements together, accurately, instantly and automatically, every time.

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Attach service schedules to line items & sections

Automatically attach the exact set of Service Schedules to each Engagement Letter for each client engagement, based on the services and sections selected.

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Import unlimited Engagement Letter templates

Easily add multiple Engagement Templates for the different entities you serve into one, centralised system, with bespoke intros, scopes and terms and conditions.

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Have your Engagement Letters digitally & securely signed

All of your engagement letters can be signed electronically within one system, that is time, date & IP address stamped to meet the most stringent legal requirements.

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Use GoProposal's Suite of Smart Engagement Letters - OverSuite™

Meet the highest levels of risk and compliance standards with our suite of Smart Engagement Letters that evolve with regulatory changes & auto-update in GoProposal for you.

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"What we have gained is far beyond our expectations

We signed up to GoProposal to help us create engagement letters quickly and professionally. Now we can clearly articulate what services we provide and their value.
Pam Phillips | de Jong Phillips

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