GoProposal is designed to grow your revenue, improve your profitability, save your time and deliver more value to your clients. These are the Key Features that will help you to do that.

Key Features


Dynamic Pricing removes all the guesswork and gives you a logical, profitable and consistent pricing methodology to use across all clients, with all staff.

Intro to Dynamic Pricing [1m 58s]

Use Logical Factors

Use logical factors to impact the fee such as Annual Revenue, No. of Staff, Quality of Record Keeping, No. of Transactions & Level of Service.

Add Calculations

Easily layer up the pricing complexity of each service with different pricing types & multiple calculations so you never leave any money on the table.

Simple to Configure

GoProposal is simple to configure so you & your team can use it straight away without having to waste hours learning a complex system.

All Done For You

Your app is pre-filled with the services, descriptions & pricing methodologies as a starting point for you to add your pricing, edit & make work for you.

Key Features


Easily agree fees with your clients using our services menus. Your clients will love the transparency and immediacy that GoProposal brings to agreeing service levels & fees.

Watch how to agree fees [1m 30s]

Agree Fees Together

GoProposal was specifically designed to make it easy for you to agree on fees with your clients, whilst you’re still with them, face-to-face or virtually.

Never Discount Again

If a client doesn’t want to pay the fee you show them, no problem, simply reduce the service level by adding those services to their roadmap for them to consider in the future.

Package Up Your Services

Create packages so you can quickly load in a set of services & service levels for different client types. These can then easily be tweaked on the fly.

OnTheSpot™ Acceptance

If a client is happy and wants to sign-up on the spot, now they can. Our OnTheSpot™ Acceptance feature allows the client to sign the proposal DURING the meeting.

Key Features


Never waste your valuable time again, producing another proposal. These are instant, automatic and designed to get clients to accept.

See our powerful proposals [2m 03s]

Instantly Produced

If you’re not producing the proposal DURING, then you’re wasting valuable time. GoProposal produces powerful proposals instantly.

Regular Fee Reviews

Carry fee reviews much faster and more frequently, by simply opening their previous proposal, tweaking & sending in seconds.

Designed to Convert

Our proposals have been expertly designed by leading sales experts to produce an elegant document that converts clients faster.

Key Features


GoProposal produces Letters of Engagement instantly, automatically and dynamically comprised of the exact information needed.

How LoEs are generated [1m 46s]

Produced with One Click

Why waste chargeable hours producing Letters of Engagement? GoProposal sends them out instantly for your client to read and approve. Done.

Dynamically Generated

GoProposal automatically takes the correct base Letter of Engagement and adds the chosen service schedules, client, staff and key engagement information.

Multiple Variations

Upload multiple Letters of Engagement for your different client types with different intros, scopes and terms and conditions so you can set them and forget them.

Digitally Signed

Your LoEs can be digitally signed-off with a signature and check-box approval, that is time, date & IP address stamped to meet the most stringent legal requirements.

Key Features


GoProposal can be personalised to reflect your brand, creating a strong experience for your clients.

See how you can brand your app [2m 12s]

Logo Variations

Insert multiple formats of your logo to appear throughout your app, proposals and letters of engagement.

Fonts & Colours

Choose from our selection of  Google fonts & specify your exact colours to make sure you’re perfectly on brand.

Full Page Graphics

Insert full page graphics throughout your proposal too promote your brand, your team or key services. These can be different for different client types.


Weave testimonials or quotes throughout your proposal to improve your conversion rates. You can even specify different testimonials for different client types.

Key Features


Yours and your client’s data is protected by the highest standards of security we can provide.

Fully Encrypted

All customer interaction with GoProposal servers is encrypted through the use of Extended Validation SSL using the strongest SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.

2 Factor Authentication

2FA strengthens account security, protects your account against unauthorized access and is SOC2 compliant for security, as audited by the American Institute of CPAs.

GDPR Compliant

Your client’s data protection conforms to the highest standard of GDPR, stored securely in Amazon Data Centres in the UK (where the strictest rules apply.)

GoProposal has transformed our practice and has given me the confidence to charge what we're really worth.

Ann SpickettFounder of Total Accounting

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