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Configure Complex Pricing

Configure your pricing to be exactly as you want it with complex calculations that are simple to use.

Intuitive and Simple to Use

Our clients tell us how simple GoProposal is to use and configure compared to other systems which they’ve called “clunky and outdated.” We want you and your entire team using it straight away without having to waste hours learning a new system.

Complex Calculations

You can easily layer your pricing with multiple calculations to reflect any complicated equations you might want. You can price based on Annual Revenue, No. of Transactions, Unlimited Variations, Cumulative Number Ranges or One-Off Costs.

Value Based Pricing

Everyone talks about value pricing, whereby you can maximise the value you give to your clients whilst maximising the value you receive. GoProposal was built for this and is easy to achieve.

Unlimited Line Items

You need the ability to add unlimited line items easily, even if some of those services aren’t used often. There is no restriction on line items with GoProposal and no extra charge for them. Go crazy.

Smart Sections

You can split your line items into different sections which can be open or closed by default, to present only the services relevant to that client type. This makes it easier for them to see only the menu of services relevant to them.

Done For You

The best part is…. it’s all done for you. We’ve taken the best examples of pricing from some of the smartest and most profitable accountants and loaded them into your app, ready for you to edit and amend. We have accountants signing-up clients on the same day they sign up for GoProposal. Wow!!!

Easily Agree on Fees

GoProposal is a pricing SYSTEM that is designed for you and your entire team to use to easily agree on fees with your clients.

Menu-Based Interface

GoProposal makes it easy for you to agree on fees with your clients whilst you sit with them, due to the easy-to-use menu-based interface. Perfect for iPads, Tablets, Laptops and Large Screens.

Instant Approval

Why send a proposal with your fingers crossed? GoProposal allows you to agree on the exact fees your client will pay while they’re with you, because it’s so easy to add, remove, upsell and downsell your services.

Future Upsells

Sometimes you know a client needs a service but they don’t quite see the value in having it….. yet. GoProposal allows you to add it easily into the proposal as something for them to consider in the future.

Unlimited Packages

You can configure unlimited packages for different client types so it takes seconds to load the exact set of services they need. These can then easily be tweaked to your client’s personal preferences. Not everyone wants pineapple on their pizza.

Supporting Information

It’s easy to forget the intricacies of certain services or variations of those services. So we let you add pop-up tool tips next to each line item with text, images or videos to support you or your team in selling your services.

Agree The Follow-Up

Most accountants lose business because they fail to follow up and it’s normally because they don’t agree WHEN to do it. GoProposal specifically gets you to agree on the follow up date with your client if they haven’t signed up on the spot.

Instant and Powerful Proposals

You no longer have to waste valuable time producing another proposal. These are instant, automatic and amazing.

Instantly Produced

How many chargeable hours do you and your team waste each year producing proposals? Well no more. We fully automate this task so that your client receives a stunning proposal WHILE they’re still sitting with you, on the screen, in their inbox and yours.

Designed to Convert

Proposals are meant to close the deal. Our proposals have been expertly designed and refined by some of the world’s leading sales experts, sales psychologists and graphic designers to produce an elegant document that converts clients faster.

Fully Branded

You can insert your logos, your colours, choose from a set of renowned fonts to create a stunning document that reflects your brand.

Full Page Graphics

You can insert full page graphics throughout the document to provide your clients with all the information they need in a format that looks as amazing as you dare to make it.

Instant Sign Ups

You could buy a car today and drive away in it. So why should it take weeks to buy accounting services? It shouldn’t and it doesn’t with GoProposal. A lot of our users have their clients sign up on the spot with no pressure or weird sales tactics.

Perfect For Fee Reviews

How often do you carry out fee reviews? How often should you? Because GoProposal is easy and instantaneous, it makes it possible to carry out fee reviews more often to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table or clients not served as well as they could be.

Automatic Letters of Engagement

GoProposal produces Letters of Engagement instantly, automatically and dynamically continuing the exact information they need.

Instantly Produced

Again, why should you be wasting chargeable hours producing Letters of Engagement. GoProposal sends them out instantly for your client to read and approve. Done.

Multiple Variations

We allow you to upload multiple Letters of Engagement for your different client types with different intros, scopes and terms and conditions. This enables you to set them and forget them.

Dynamically Generated

GoProposal lets you pull through specific service schedules for the services chosen within that proposal. This allows the LoE to be dynamically generated with auto-populated client, proposal and service information to ensure full compliance.

Digitally Signed

Your client will be able to digitally sign-off your Letter of Engagement with a REAL signature that is time stamped, date stamped, IP Address stamped and check box approved to meet the most stringent legal requirements.

Automatically Emailed

The newly signed Letter of Engagement is instantly sent to your client, yourself and your team so they can file it and begin the next steps in onboarding that client.

Trigger The Next Steps

You can redirect the client anywhere you want upon them signing their Letter of Engagement. So you could send them to a page on your website with with a welcome video or form to capture the data you need to onboard them.

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Want To Know More?

Watch these videos which go into more depth aboutthe above features

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1. Create Complex Pricing

You need to configure precise pricing for your services to ensure no loss of profit for the hard work you do. GoProposal allows you to configure complex pricing simply that all your team can easily use.


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2. Easily Agree Fees

You don’t want a ‘finger crossed’ approach to agreeing fees with prospects and clients. It doesn’t work. GoProposal allows you to agree on fees easily in a mature way for the services they need now and will likely need in the future.

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3. Configured for You

Deciding how to price your services is very difficult. If only you knew how other leading accountants were pricing THEIR services. Now you do. GoProposal comes preloaded with their services and pricing for you to edit and amend.

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4. Produce Proposals Instantly

Creating good looking proposals takes valuable time. And if you’re not fast there’s a danger you’ll be last. GoProposal generates your proposals and renewals automatically, instantly and before the other firm down the road knows what’s happened.

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5. Generate Letters of Engagement Automagically

Accurate letters of engagement are important because they protect you and the client. Producing them again, takes valuable time. GoProposal produces them automagically and configures them exactly to the services included in the proposal.

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6. Get Engagement Letters Signed Fast

Chasing prospects and clients to sign their letters of engagement again wastes everybody’s time. Imagine if you could get a prospect to sign there and then. Now you can, with legally binding, digital signatures.

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7. Leverage Your Entire Team

Your staff are your greatest asset and there are more of them than you. Imagine if you could get ALL your staff comfortably producing proposals for prospects and fee reviews with clients regularly. With GoProposal you can, because it takes seconds to do.

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8. Enjoy World Class Support

Choosing the right system is one thing. Finding the right companies to partner with long-term, who will give you the level of support you really need is another. GoProposal’s support is world class because we are fully committed to this being a huge success for you.

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9. Join The GoProposal Community

We are as proud of the GoProposal community as we are of our software. This is a group of world class, profitable, thriving accountants and bookkeepers who are there to answers your questions, share ideas and help each other to be massively successful.

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10. Get Fully Paid For Mid-Year Starters

There are so many ways for accountants to allow money to slip through their fingers. Knowing how to mop up missed payments from clients starting halfway through the year is one of those. GoProposal has two innovative solutions to solve this.

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11. Create Flexible Packages

Asking your client what they want is dangerous because they won’t know. Telling them what they need because you’re the expert is far safer. GoProposal allows you to create flexible packages as a starting point that can be easily amended on the fly.

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12. Personalise With Your Brand

Using systems like GoProposal makes sense because it saves you incredible expense of building it yourself. BUT… you still want it to look like yours right? GoProposal gives you the control to create a consistent, branding experience, in-line with your website.

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