Meades & Co. are a very progressive accountancy firm based in the UK and they’re fully focussed on how they can maximise the lifetime value of their clients.

A few weeks I asked Paul to share his sales process with me (because they nail it.)

In this video, he reveals insights into their process and shares with us….

  • A simple strategy to maximise the value of each sale, which he gets his team to do
  • A fantastic document he’s developed to support his sales process (we’ve stolen this one)
  • A key way to prevent losing clients
  • Why as an owner, you don’t want to be getting involved in pricing work
  • Their methodology for testing new software


SPOILER ALERT – Paul talks a lot about GoProposal because he’s a huge fan….

So if you ARE already using GoProposal, you’ll discover new ideas you can work into your sales process.

If you’re NOT using GoProposal yet, you’ll learn about the reservations Paul had before using it and how he went about road testing it.

If you simple LOVE what you already have, you’ll discover ideas that you’ll be able to pinch for your own processes and work them into that.

Either way, for me, learning from other successful firms is the fastest way to grow, so dive into this insightful video and take what you can.


Watch This Video

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