Price consistently, sell more confidently and minimise risk, with the client engagement software that enables your accounting business to grow even more profitably.

Do More With GoProposal

There’s a plethora of proposal software out there for you to choose from, but did you know GoProposal is now the ONLY bespoke software for Accountants? It’s enabled us to form strong relationships with the best experts in the accounting profession. They ensure our products are up to date with the latest regulations, solving the problems specific to your needs.

Build the best accounting proposals

Ignition has done a great job of developing a proposal builder to adapt to various business niches. However, accountants can use GoProposal safe in the knowledge that we’re constantly listening to our members, consisting only of accountants and bookkeepers, to ensure our customisation is continuously adapted and updated to meet your industry-specific requirements.

Keep your whole client onboarding process in one place

As with Ignition, you’re able to produce highly customisable proposals with GoProposal. But now, you can keep all your onboarding in one place, from ‘wow’ing your prospect in the meeting with a user-friendly proposal, covering your work with an up-to-date engagement letter, to completing your KYC checks and Risk Assessments.

Get ahead of the clock with branding

As part of your plan, Ignition will create a 6-page company brochure with your branding to impress potential clients, but at GoProposal we go one step further. By inputting your branding into our system for you, the proposals you generate will include everything you’d expect in a company brochure alongside the proposal itself, in one clean, impressive document.
Testimonials, quotes, a meet the team page and even an apps map that makes it clear to the client what software they’ll benefit from will be strategically woven into the contents of the proposal.

Go beyond the Software

It’s easy to find a suite of informative courses and classes on Ignition’s user-friendly website. You can find all previous webinars and videos from GoProposal too, but in addition to that, members get free access to The GoProposal Academy: module-based classes, that even earn you CPD points, with actionable take-aways, led by James Ashford.

Extend your integration package

Like GoProposal, Ignition provide a variety of integrations with some well-loved software apps for Accountants. With GoProposal, you benefit from the added partnerships with Senta, AccountancyManager, GoCardless and Dext precision.

Level up your Ignition proposals
with GoProposal

Human-only customer support

We’re a fan of Ignition’s 24/7 help centre, but at GoProposal we focus on the human touch. Instead of speaking to a bot when you use our support chat, you’ll hear from one of our dedicated team who strive to answer your queries within 15 minutes during office hours.

Get support from those in the know

We’re proud of the community we’ve built online, where you’ll often receive peer-to-peer support from members across the globe. Our members feel it is a safe space to ask questions not only about their GoProposal setup, but questions on scenarios they come across as accountants that only other experts in the industry can understand. They’re always happy to help, safe in the knowledge that the community is closely monitored by us. 

Improve client conversations

GoProposal isn’t just a tool to set out the proposal information to the client. It’s been thoughtfully designed in such a way to ensure that it’s concise enough to build with the client face to face, while being substantial enough to wow them with the final product. It can be relied upon as a sales tool, to improve client conversations and help navigate any objections in a way that retrospective proposals just can’t do.

Create a Core Pricing Matrix

It sounds more futuristic than it is, we promise! While Ignition provides you with a menu of suggested prices for your services, GoProposal will generate suggested prices when you build out your first proposal through our Pricing Wizard. The prices are generated based on what we think you should and can charge per service based on what others have charged, but it is completely customisable.

Once your first play around with the wizard is completed, a Core Pricing Matrix will be generated, so you won’t have to go through the arduous task of setting prices going forwards.

Success steps

As soon as you launch your free trial you have full access to all features in both the Ignition, and GoProposal app. One unique feature in GoProposal, is our Success Steps. With four key milestones to achieve, the steps guide you through our app and educational content to ensure you get the best out of our software. Because when you get the best out of GoProposal, by default, you get the best out of your business, by giving the best service to your clients.

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