Create a seamless onboarding experience with deep Integrations

Connect GoProposal to your other systems and software to create seamless experiences for yourself, your clients & team with our deep, two-way integrations


Accounting Software

Sync contacts and automatically generate invoices in your accounting software when your proposals are accepted. We integrate with QuickBooks and Xero.


Practice Management

Sync contacts and automatically trigger tasks and workflows in your practice management software when your proposals are accepted. We integrate with Karbon and Senta.


Payment Solutions

Connect GoProposal to any payment mechanism via your accounting software or directly to GoCardless when a proposal is accepted.



Connect GoProposal to Zapier and get unlimited integration power, allowing you to pass data, proposals, engagement letters and trigger key actions in over 2,000 apps.


Reporting & Data-Driven Pricing

Access all of the client data you need to accurately inform the price, instantly, in real-time, in the precise place you need it the most with Xavier.

"GoProposal has been a real catalyst for change

GoProposal and the team behind it have steered me to look at what we offer, how we offer it and the value we bring to our clients.” Marie Donaldson | Fresh Clarity Accountants

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“I can’t do that, I’m only a young accountancy business”

I had a call with a GoProposal member who kept repeating this ONE word that knew could be holding him back.

Surprise Client Feedback For The Founders Of Gravitate Accounting

This is a GoProposal FIRST... In this video we share something with you that you NEVER get to see.