Meet the GoProposal Team

VP & Founder

James Ashford

Bestselling Author of "Selling to Serve", Director of MAP & Keynote Speaker.

Superpower - Always remaining the student and eager to learn.
Weakness - Walls without whiteboards.
Director Of Operations

Heather Elkington

Ensures that impeccable standards and Operational Excellence is maintained in every area of the business.

Superpower - Keeping the business moving forward.

Weakness - Reading instruction manuals, tend to just dive into things without much thought.

Head Of Client Success

Jack Choppin

Manages and develops our world-class Client Success team to deliver the highest standard of support to our clients.

Superpower - Creating a collaborative, metrics driven work environment for my team that creates amazing results for our members.

Weakness - Cracking too many dad jokes to an unappreciative office

Head Of Marketing

Morgan Jay

Orchestrates a world class marketing function that inspires accounting businesses to take positive action.

Strength - An empath with the power to insight action through impactful marketing.

Weaknesss - Can't spell to safe my life.

Lead Developer

Ivo Nunes

Responsible for leading our world-class development team, keeping the app running in tip-top condition and delivering exciting new features for our users.

Superpower - I'm a fast learner - which is very useful in the world of software development where everything is constantly changing!

Weakness - Guitars. There’s no such thing as owning too many guitars.

OverSuite Product Manager

Danielle Fisher

Oversees the development of the OverSuite product in all areas, taking overall responsibility for its success by liaising with our compliance experts, members and internal teams.

Superpower - Building incredible relationships with the members we love to serve.
Weakness - Narrating my day out loud to the team.
Client Success Manager

Chris Johnson

Works with our members to help them achieve their goals and smash through barriers.

Superpower - Making the transition to GoProposal as smooth as possible for our new members.

Weakness - Cycling uphill

Client Success Manager

Nuala Turnbull

In control of front line support and day-to-day business operations.

Superpower - Help clients achieve their goals confidently.
Weakness - Drinking 5+ coffees a day
Senior Developer

Deniss Muntjans

Shapes the development of our software in order to provide a world class product to our members by consistently improving reliability of the platform.

Superpower - Can speak 4 languages
Weakness - Too impatient
Business Coordinator

Levi Hindson-Briggs

Manages the flow of information between the different areas of the business

Superpower - Ability to take action and get things done. In other words, follow through with all plans and implement new ideas.

Weakness - Spending 80% of the monthly office budget on herbal tea bags.

Client Success Manager, NA

Cassie Boudreaux Lafleur

Goes above and beyond to help members solve their problems and provide them with the tools they need to confidently charge what they are worth.

Superpower - Understanding the importance of reviewing past results to make future decisions that will not only benefit myself, but the people around me.

Weakness - My Daughter, once she looks at me with those big eyes and pokes out her bottom lip, she can get anything she wants.


Sam Lindup

Works on new features for the app as well as helping to support our users when they have an issue.

Superpower - Solving odd problems in creative ways - which comes in very handy in web development!

Weakness - Overthinking the small details, when I really need to remember to see the big picture!


Charlie Rasbuary

Builds compelling content for a range of resources and platforms.

Superpower - Writing up words of wisdom from all you numbers people.

Weakness - Being cold - find me under a pile of woolly jumpers and hot water bottles in the winter.

Marketing Specialist

James Clark

Distributing high quality paid ads across all digital channels, so the world can see what GoProposal is all about.

Superpower - Knows his CPMs from his CPCs.
Weakness - Easily won around with beer or a kind smile.
Head Of Video

Joe Robinson

Creates high quality content for GP and highlights why it is the most important product to use.

Superpower - After Effects and Premiere Pro wizard.
Weakness - Distracting everybody in the office.

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