How Accountancy Businesses Get Off The Hamster Wheel

The 5 steps to being valued more, paid more & taking control of your firm.

What You Will Learn

Bad Client Don’t Exist

Bad clients don’t exist, we create them by making three fundamental mistakes. It’s not the clients that need fixing or replacing, it’s the machine that turns them bad.

Why You Must Charge For Everything

The moment you give anything away for free, is when you start to train your clients not to value what you do. But there’s a way to charge your clients for EVERYTHING.

The Problem Discounting Causes

We think that offering a discount is a healthy way to start a new client relationship, because it shows your commitment to them. But the reality is that it triggers a thinking that’s much more corrosive.

You Shouldn’t Give Clients What They Want

Giving a client what they want is not always right, because it might not be what they really need. Your job is to unearth their real challenges and present the best solution.

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