GoProposal is super proud to be welcomed to the Thriveal's Deeper Weekend.

Ready for Deeper Weekend 2022?

Thriveal's Deeper Weekend | October, 2022

Price Consistently,
Sell More Confidently
& Minimize Your Risk

Pricing, proposal and engagement letter software that enables bookkeeping businesses to continually grow more profitably.

How To Price Profitably

It sounds simple, but unless you have a consistent, profitable pricing system at the core of your business, which EVERYONE sticks to, nothing else will work as well as you want it to. We will give you the pillars of profitable pricing.

Get your Team Onboard

Only by creating a sales culture can we begin to serve our clients to the level they need to serve. But we think that accountants don’t like selling. Goproposal will give you the blueprint that will reverse their thinking on this.

Remove Time Limiting Roadblocks

You’ll discover that you have the power to save hours of time with GoProposal, with just a little time spent up front.

“When I brought in GoProposal to begin with, we probably went up about 20%, right then and there – first time out.”

Sandy McRae | McRae Associates