“We wouldn’t have grown to a firm of 11 people in just a couple years without it.”

Sam Newton
Gravitate Accounting

What do you say when a client asks for a discount?

You know in your head you want to say no, but in the moment, it’s easy to draw a blank for a reason why. And so, in the moment, many accountants say yes to a discount.

Which is exactly what Sam Newton did when he set up Gravitate Accounting.

Without a pricing tool to show his workings clearly, he didn’t feel like he had a way to support the reasoning behind his pricing. Luckily, he discovered GoProposal two months into his business…

“I signed up and the next time I logged in, it was fully branded with our logo and company colours. It was ready to go really quickly. I’ve never given a discount since.”

By the time Mike Crocker joined Gravitate as co-founder, the pricing system was all automated with GoProposal, meaning he could sell to clients right away with ease.

Sam and Mike put GoProposal down as the reason they’ve been able to grow to a team of eleven in just a couple of years. Listen to their story below & then check out the best response to give when clients ask for a discount.