12:00pm-12:45pm (GMT) 25th June 2024

Adapting to the new AML landscape: Trends, Technology, and Tactics

Discover how emerging threats can be transformed into strategic opportunities for your business.

Explore how AI and automation, despite their challenges, can also be powerful catalysts for elevating client experience and strengthening the AML processes in your firm.

Walk away equipped with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies to enhance your AML efforts.
  • Increased confidence in executing AML tasks within your team.
  • Strategies to navigate the evolving AML landscape with resilience and adaptability.


Product Manager, Sage

Danielle Fisher

Danielle specialises in delivering digital solutions tailored for accountants. With over three years in product management and a background in customer success, Danielle focuses on compliance, client onboarding, and practice and client management.

She led the development and launch of the AML solution in 2023 and now oversees the strategic growth of Sage's Client Management suite, empowering accountants with integrated tools for streamlined workflows.

Chief Revenue Officer, Thirdfort

Neil Mullane

Neil Mullane, CRO at Thirdfort, is a seasoned commercial scale-up expert with a passion for safeguarding professionals and their clients from fraud and money laundering.

Leveraging his extensive experience, Neil is dedicated to empowering accountants, lawyers, and professional services to fortify their defences against financial crimes.