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If you’re an accountant trying to create high quality proposals for your potential clients – we make it easy to produce a proposal instantly.

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Why GoProposal?

GoProposal offers tailored features for professional services, streamlining proposal creation, pricing, and client management. Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and pricing calculators save time, enhance efficiency, and elevate professionalism, driving growth for businesses in the industry.

Producing high-quality proposals instantly involves understanding the client's needs, gathering relevant information, and crafting a compelling executive summary. Detailing a solution with evidence, outlining the scope of work, addressing concerns, and clearly stating pricing and terms are essential. Professional formatting, thorough review, and prompt delivery ensure a polished and effective proposal, demonstrating expertise and responsiveness to clients, ultimately increasing the chances of winning new business.

Creating a consistent pricing structure with just a few simple inputs streamlines the process and ensures transparency and fairness for both clients and the business. By analyzing factors such as project scope, time required, resources needed, and desired profit margin, businesses can develop a pricing model that accurately reflects the value of their services while remaining competitive in the market. Implementing tools or software that automate this process can further enhance efficiency and accuracy, allowing for quick adjustments based on changing variables or client requirements. This approach not only simplifies the pricing process for the business but also builds trust with clients by providing clear and consistent pricing that aligns with the value they receive.

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Customizable branding lets your firm establish a unique identity that connects with your audience while reflecting your values and mission. Through tailored visuals like logos, colors, and typography, you create a memorable brand image. This extends to tone of voice and messaging, ensuring consistency across all interactions. This personalized approach boosts brand recognition, fosters trust, and tells your firm's story authentically across digital, marketing, and physical platforms.

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Accessible 24/7 software enhances convenience, productivity, and flexibility for users, enabling anytime access, seamless collaboration across time zones, uninterrupted operations, efficient customer support, and improved user experience, ultimately driving business success.

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Add AML to your GoProposal plan for as little as

Add AML to your GoProposal plan for as little as £30/month

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Who Are The Experts Behind OverSuite®?

GoProposal is working with the UK's leading experts on professional ethics and regulatory compliance for accountancy practices and their clients.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. At present, our OverSuite engagement letters are designed to be compliant with UK Legislation, and so they are only available for UK accounting and bookkeeping businesses.